Daimler Trademark Filing Implies Autonomous Driving Tech With AI Possibly in the Works

Daimler has filed for trademarks on the name 'AMY' as pertaining to autonomous driving technology systems and artificial intelligence.

Daimler has filed for trademarks in at least 13 countries on the name “AMY,” as related to autonomous driving technology and artificial intelligence.

Some of the intents outlined by Daimler for use of the trademark include “computer programs for use in computer assisted steering of vehicles,” “control and safety systems for autonomous vehicles,” and “humanoid robots with artificial intelligence.”

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Daimler filed for the trademark in Germany Jan. 24, where it was later registered on June 12 (Germany remains the only country so far to grant Daimler registration of the “AMY” trademark.) Shortly thereafter, during the period from July 9-19, the company filed for the same trademark in at least a dozen additional countries. Those included Canada, U.S., Mexico, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, Russia, China, India, Japan, and South Korea.

Around the same time, news came forth that Daimler and its supplier Bosch plan to trial an autonomous-tech shuttle service in California’s Silicon Valley, starting some time in 2019. Aside from similar timing, the two events are circumstantially linked by the shuttle project’s apparent plan to use vehicles with autonomous technology controlled by artificial intelligence, similar to the trademark. 

The reported intent to demonstrate autonomous vehicles’ importance for mobility services (often smartphone-hailed) also ties into the trademark’s stated pertinence to “apps in connection with vehicle use.” Its reported sensor suite of cameras, radar, LiDar, and ultrasonic sensors also sound similar to those encompassed in the “AMY” trademark filing, which specified “electronic, optical and acoustic devices and systems consisting thereof for use in vehicles.”

The Drive contacted Daimler for comment on whether the “AMY” trademark is related to its cooperative project with Bosch, and we will update when we receive a response.

Automakers occasionally spring leaks, unintentionally revealing planned products in advance of their public debuts through trademark filings such as this one. Daimler itself has yet to announce its plans for the “EQ” electric vehicle marque it will launch later this year, though some of its model lineup may have been revealed in May when The Drive discovered a swath of trademarks for product names.