The New Garmin Zumo GPS Avoids Boring Roads

New series of Garmin devices auto-navigate to twisties, and include moto-specific alerts.

byMichael Frank|
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Garmin has got something special for moto riders. The new zümo 395LM and zümo 595LM motorcycle navigators offer automated route planning around boring roads, skipping the straights, and looking specifically for changes of elevation and bent blacktop. No more eyeballing ye olde gazetteer. Just enter a destination, and choose backroad plotting auto-magically (Garmin calls it Adventurous Routing, which isn’t as much fun).

The two weather-proof units differ in scale; the 395 has a 4.3-inch touchscreen, while the 595 has a higher resolution 5-inch display. Both units let riders stream music from a synced smartphone to headsets or Bluetooth helmets, as well as notifications for traffic and weather, animal crossing zones, sharp curve warnings, and red light camera alerts. The 595 ads access to Spotify and Pandora, plus texts and calls ported through to the navi screen. That’s all controlled via Garmin—rather than fishing your phone out from a jacket pocket—using oversized controls that are designed to respond to pressure, not touch, so you can keep your gloves on.

There are also hands-free controls (again, via Bluetooth headset) to make and receive calls, and receive spoken routing directions. Moto-specific functions, such as fuel stops recommended by your tank range, as well as a repair history logging function so you maintain regular service intervals, are also part of the mix. And both zümos sync to Garmin’s Tire Pressure monitors for live readout of this information, too.

The two units go on sale in April. Budget $600 for the 395LM, or $900 for the 595LM.

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