Daimler Teams With Google Quantum Computers for Automotive Applications

The partnership could provide insights into everything from AI for autonomous cars to new EV battery materials.

As if modern computers aren’t confusing enough, get ready for a “quantum leap” forward. Why are we talking quantum computing on a car website? Well, Daimler just announced a deal with Google to research the application of quantum computers on the future of mobility

The deal allows for the collaboration to research data relating to automotive applications. While the partnership is just scratching the surface, Daimler has a few ideas of what it may be able to uncover. New battery cells could be developed from the selection of new materials based on quantum chemistry. Autonomous vehicles could be deployed in urban environments and made to interact with the existing transportation infrastructure in the most efficient manner. Deep learning could also lead to the advancement of artificial intelligence for vehicle technology.

It’s other-worldly, futuristic tech that seems mind-bending right now. Needless to say, Daimler is excited about the partnership. Jan Brecht, chief information officer at Daimler said, “Quantum computing could play a crucial role in future in developing sustainable and efficient mobility solutions, as well as in diverse applications within our company. Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize the entire IT sector and, in turn, all other areas of industry. This technology is as yet still in the early stages of research and development – but it harbors vast potential. Our aim is to acquire experience with this new technology at an early stage. To this end, we are contributing concrete use cases from the automotive and mobility fields to the research partnerships.”

Nobody really knows just where quantum computing may go but I know one thing for sure; This old Dell isn’t gonna cut it.