Tesla Is Adding 1,400 Jobs in its Service Department

The California company is tripling jobs to help fuel the Model 3’s successful launch.

byRob Stumpf|
Tesla Is Adding 1,400 Jobs in its Service Department

In a video released by Tesla today, the company claims to be scaling substantially, adding a large number of employees and service centers to its fleet of assets. If you're looking for a job, Tesla might just be looking for you.

Right now, if your Model S or Model X were to break down (which is not that likely, considering their reliability ratings), you could place a call and have your vehicle brought to one of the 150 nationwide Tesla service centers. With the Model 3 entering full-scale production very soon, especially in the numbers that Tesla anticipates, more service centers will be needed to accommodate the increased volume of vehicles. You see, Tesla has previously had a notoriously obvious problem with getting cars in and out of service appointments in a timely fashion. That's why Tesla has committed to opening another 100 service stations to take care of its new adopters.

With the rollout of even more service centers comes the ability to easily schedule service appointments. If you've ever had a car under warranty and wanted to schedule service at the dealer, you may have forgotten to give the dealer a call later on in the day. Not anymore, as Tesla will allow for the scheduling of service appointment right in the car from their on-screen display. For those that equally hate trips to the dealer and trips to the doctor, Tesla claims that 90% of its service requests can be completed outside of a repair facility, which is why they added an additional 350 mobile repair units to their fleet.

All of these changes effectively increases the manufacturer's worldwide service capacity 350%, all while adding nearly 1,400 jobs to its assets. With over 20,000 units of the Model 3 being produced per month projected by December, Tesla is going to need all of the support it can get. The electrified automaker is taking leaps to ensure that its launch is a success, and improving its resources for new customers is a great way to do just that.