Haas F1 Open to Similar Deal as Alfa Romeo/Sauber Partnership

Could we soon see another FCA brand enter Formula 1?

The Sauber F1 team broke major headlines last November by welcoming the Alfa Romeo name back into Formula 1. With the Swiss racing outfit growing ever closer to its technical partner, Ferrari, an exercise in rebranding has brought about a return of the Turin automaker to the top tier of motorsport. Now, just months after that partnership was announced, fellow Ferrari customer team Haas F1 revealed that it’s open to a similar deal that could potentially draw another FCA brand to Grand Prix racing.

In an interview with Motorsport, Haas boss Gunther Steiner claimed that his team is yet to be approached by Ferrari with a similar proposition. That being said, he also told that Haas would be accepting of such a deal that could help boost global branding and marketing.

When asked if the American team would consider the move, Steiner replied, “Why not? We are open always to talks. If somebody’s got some ideas, yeah, for sure we are interested in it.

“But is it our priority? Maybe not.”

It was previously rumored that Ferrari could insert the Maserati name into Formula 1 with Haas, but as things have shown, that’s not necessarily likely at present. 

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During Haas’ short two-year tenure in Formula 1, the team has been majorly backed by owner Gene Haas’ own company. This could likely be a problem in the future, as Steiner explains, and external sponsorship is key to a successful future in the sport.

“I think that’s a priority, it’s just difficult to get sponsors,” he said. “You see it on the other teams, the big teams, even they struggle.

“And for us as a small team, it’s even more difficult.

“And then what we need to avoid is to give ourselves away too cheap, because then you never recover. If you sell yourself cheap, you never get value for it anymore.”