Maserati Could Follow Alfa Romeo Into Formula 1

Ferrari is reportedly in conversation with Haas F1 for a Maserati title sponsorship.

Formula 1

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne is looking to revive the auto group's most treasured names in motorsport. He's already done so with Alfa Romeo who will join F1 next season with Sauber, and now, the same could soon be said for Maserati. According to various reports from Italian sources, Ferrari is currently in talks of rebranding its partnership with the Haas team to incorporate Maserati into Grand Prix racing once again.

Juan Manuel Fangio was the first to bring the Bologna-based marque to success in F1 during the 1957 season. Then, he claimed the world title for Maserati and solidified its spot within the sport for years to come. However, in the last five decades, the Italian brand has been missing from Formula 1, calling for a potential return to the sport in 2018. 


Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera claims that Marchionne and team owner Gene Haas are currently in discussions regarding the switch up. The American businessman has reportedly declined comment on the situation that would bring Maserati back to F1, but the FCA boss did offer up a bit of info.

"We will see. Time will tell. We are thinking about it, but we have not made any decision yet."


If an agreement does fall in place, it's likely that it would be similar to that of Alfa Romeo and Sauber's relationship. Ferrari technology and engines could possibly be rebranded as Maserati in addition to an official name change, putting the Italian brand at the forefront of Haas' marketing and branding.