The Best PS4 Steering Wheels (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Make your favorite games more realistic with these top PS4 steering wheels.

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BY Heather Fishel / LAST UPDATED ON January 21, 2022

Racing and driving games played on your Playstation are a great way to bring your love of driving right into your living room, all without actually having to hit the road. You can use your Playstation 4 to try out tricks and maneuvers you’d never be able to try on your city’s streets. And you can take your gaming to new heights and make your favorite racing or driving games more realistic and lifelike, you need to invest in a steering wheel for your PS4. These accessories, which can be paired with pedals for an even more authentic driving experience, allow you to jump into the driver’s seat and control your gameplay just like you would from behind the wheel of your car. You can steer through the streets, careen around corners, and enjoy a more thrilling, more customized way to play. And there are plenty of different PS4 steering wheels available to choose from. Check out our picks for the best PS4 steering wheels right here.

Best Overall
Logitech Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force G29 Racing Wheel

A highly realistic, highly durable PS4 steering wheel with great responsiveness.

  • Dual-motor force feedback
  • Compatible with multiple consoles and PCs
  • Includes shifter and pedals
  • Slightly less precise than competitors
  • Can be notchy at times
Best Overall
Logitech Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force G29 Racing Wheel
Best Value
Subsonic SA5426 Racing Wheel With Pedals

An affordable sim racing wheel that’s compact, convenient, and easy to connect.

  • 180-degree rotation
  • Features five suction cups
  • Compatible with all driving and racing games
  • Somewhat small for adults
  • Suction cups aren’t very strong
Best Value
Subsonic SA5426 Racing Wheel With Pedals
Honorable Mention
Thrustmaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel

A high-quality racing wheel that delivers a realistic gameplay experience and feel.

  • Official racing simulator setup for PS4
  • 900-degree force feedback system
  • Comes with a three-pedal pedal set and sequential gear shift
  • USB cord is short and limiting
  • Better for entry-level racers and gamers
Honorable Mention
Thrustmaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel
PS4 Steering Wheel Close Up

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Benefits of PS4 Steering Wheels

  • Improved handling and control. A gaming steering wheel offers more control and better handling than your Playstation controllers. With a wheel, you can make sharp, quick turns, naturally control your speed, and even make speedy adjustments thanks to the more authentic driving experience. You can make small movements too, something a controller can't always offer. 
  • Better precision. Those small movements mentioned above are exactly what allow you to drive — and play — more precisely with a sim racing wheel. Your steering wheel can turn even little motions and the wheel moves into exactly the right result in a game, helping you perform better and with increased precision.
  • Realistic results. When you play driving or racing simulation games on your Playstation, you’ll get more realistic results with a steering wheel. A gaming controller can offer only so much, with a few buttons, joysticks, and triggers. A steering wheel, however, makes the game real as you steer, use pedals, and even shift gears like you would in a car.
  • Versatility. A PS4 steering wheel doesn’t have to be used solely for PS4 games and gaming. Many of these racing wheels offer impressive versatility and compatibility across both video game consoles and computers. You can use a single steering wheel for your Playstation as well as an Xbox or your PC. 

Types of PS4 Steering Wheels

Steering Wheels

The most common type of PS4 steering wheel you’ll come across is the basic steering wheel — essentially, a steering wheel that sits on a stand. Most sim racing steering wheels look the same, allowing you to perch the wheel-based controller on a surface (like a table or a desk) so you can drive just like you would behind the wheel of your actual vehicle. The steering wheel then connects to your console using the same USB connection and port as your normal PS4 controller. 

Steering Wheel and Pedal Sets

Another popular option is a steering wheel and pedal set. These sets pair a PS4 steering wheel with a set of pedals that can be placed on the floor and used just like the pedals in your car. Usually more expensive than a steering wheel alone, steering wheel and pedal sets are a great option if you want a realistic gaming experience. You can brake, shift gears (if it’s a three-pedal setup), and accelerate normally, and this can offer increased fun and more responsiveness. 

Top Brands


Founded in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1981, Logitech is a company that’s been creating innovative and user-friendly tech gadgets, devices, and accessories for decades. While most Logitech products are designed for PCs, the brand is also well-known for its cool, sleek, and highly responsive gaming accessories like the Logitech Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force G29 Racing Wheel, a PS4 steering wheel. 


Since 1990, Thrustmaster has sold high-end controllers that help gamers reach new heights. With a product selection that’s designed by engineers and pilots who’ve flown with the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and NASA, these high-tech controllers aren’t like any other. You can see the difference in steering wheels too, like the Thrustmaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel and the Thrustmaster T150 RS Racing Wheel.

PS4 Steering Wheel Pricing

  • Under $75: For less than $75, you can find a selection of decent gaming steering wheels for your PS4. This price range typically includes entry-level options.
  • $100 to $250: Most PS4 steering wheels are priced at $100 or more, all the way up to $250. This price range includes a wealth of options, like premium sets and mid-level steering wheels.

Key Features

High Force Feedback

A PS4 steering wheel with high force feedback is critical. The higher the force feedback, the more realistic and responsive your gaming steering wheel will be. Force feedback is what makes a sim racing wheel feel so real — it’s what creates resistance and a natural turning feel while you’re gaming. When you release the wheel, force feedback also naturally straightens it out too. You want a high level of force feedback, ideally 900 degrees, so you can make a full two and a half turns like you would in a real vehicle.

Realistic Vibrations

A high-quality PS4 steering wheel will provide you with a realistic driving experience. So, you want to make sure the steering wheel you choose feels like any other real wheel. The best options will vibrate and allow you to feel the results of your driving, like bumps, impacts, and even quick, agile turns while you’re racing through the streets of any game. 

High Sensitivity

Lastly, it’s important to choose a PS4 steering wheel that’s highly sensitive. With high sensitivity, you’ll get a more responsive wheel — one that allows you to drive precisely, quickly, and with agility on screen. Whether you’re playing racing games or games that require quick movements, a highly sensitive wheel will allow you to play better and see the immediate results of your steering wheel’s motions.

Other Considerations

  • Consider the Internal Parts. You might not want to worry about the tiny internal parts and pieces of a sim racing wheel, but those little components can be pretty critical. Make sure to assess and consider the bearings and how smoothly they’re rated to roll, as this can make a significant difference in your gameplay.
  • Don’t Overlook Buttons. You might not think that you need any buttons if you’re switching from a PS4 controller to a gaming steering wheel, but you do. Make sure the steering wheels you’re considering include all the necessary buttons, particularly the ones you’ll find on your usual controller so you don’t have to interrupt your game at any point.
  • Think About the Future. While it might seem silly, it’s important to think about the future and your console when you’re shopping for a steering wheel. If you plan on upgrading any time soon or want to spend a lot, you’ll get more value out of your purchase if you choose one that can work with other consoles. For example, a shattering wheel that works with PS4 and PS5 consoles will have you covered well.

Best PS4 Steering Wheels Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
Thrustmaster T300RS

When you take consider price, the Thrustmaster T300RS can't be looked past as the top PS4 racing wheel. What makes this model so appealing is its dual-belt system that works with a brushless motor, which is nearly 25-watts. The result is a wheel that rotates smoothly and provides seamless realistic force feedback, whether you're playing a rally or F1 game. Since this model uses a belt system, instead of a geared one, there's no off-putting noise as you rotate the wheel. The only time you might hear some noise is if the fan kicks in to cool down the servomotor.

The face of the wheel is one area where this model is let down somewhat against direct competitors due to its rubber cladding and lack of controls. But it's not awful, as it features 13-action buttons, two large sequential shifters that are 100-percent metal, and 1080-degrees of rotation. If you want to change the wheel it's a quick and easy job, thanks to Thrustmaster's quick release system. The pedals are 6-way adjustable, and the brake pedal has progressive resistance. It's worth noting that this is a 2-pedal system, so not suitable for anyone who wants a clutch.

Best Value
Hori Racing Wheel Apex

Sim racing isn't cheap, so anyone who wants to test the waters should check out the Hori Racing Wheel Apex. Although this model is on the lower end of the price spectrum, it feels relatively premium thanks to the textured rubberized grip and high-quality plastics used in its construction. The wheel sensitivity has seven levels of adjustability, so you can find a level that suits your driving style. There are two different rotation outputs, 270-degrees, and 180-degrees. If you're into arcade-style games, then the quick-handling 180-degree mode will work a treat.

Keeping the setup steady is a clamping system, which isn't as secure as high-end models, but provides more than enough stability. Where this model falls down, in comparison to premium options, is a lack of force feedback. There is a motor that rumbles, much like when a controller vibrates, but it won't provide the immersion of other high-end force feedback systems. Included in the sale is a 2-pedal setup, which is made entirely of plastic and doesn't provide much resistance.

Honorable Mention
Logitech G923

In terms of how a wheel feels in your hands, it doesn't get much better than the Logitech G923. This model has a hand-stitched leather cover and features polished metals in the center. A geared system ensures smooth and progressive resistance when turning the wheel but doesn't provide the same feel as a belt-driven system. Logitech's Trueforce feedback is generated by twin motors and gives the driver a good level of feedback, as it connects directly to the game engines and processes inputs 4,000 times per second. So, you'll know if you've clipped a curb or patch of grass. One of the drawbacks to a gear-driven system is that it's noisy, which can be too annoying for some players. 

This model's pedals feel as premium as the wheel, thanks to their polished metal finish. Anyone who wants to use a clutch (drifters) should check out this bundle. Logitech has also added a progressive spring that works with the brake pedal, which tackles an issue the previous model was criticized for. Although the pedals are adjustable, they don't have the same level of adjustability as some direct competitors.

Premium Steering Wheel
Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro 

If you're building the ultimate console sim racing setup, you need to use the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro. If your budget allows, and you want an even more immersive experience, go for the 8-Newton-Meters version (only recommended if you have a rig). The standard version can generate up to 5-Newton-Meters of torque, which is almost twice as much as anything else on this list. This model is the only direct drive racing wheel on the market for the PS5, meaning the wheel is mounted directly on the motor shaft. This drive system offers unparalleled levels of force feedback as it's not diluted by belts or gears.

Included in the sale is a 2-pedal set, which is built from steel, and feels like it's built to last. Both the throttle and brake axes use magnetic hall-effect sensors to measure input, which won't degrade over time. A stiff spring behind the brake pedal and a PU foam damper work together to emulate the feeling of real-world progressive braking. Gran Turismo fans should get particular benefits from this model, as the wheel's controls have been created with the game in mind. Unfortunately, the wheel's rubber grip and plastic center make it feel slightly less premium than the kit is, but the OLED display and rev lights are a nice touch.  

Honorable Mention
Subsonic SA5156 Drive Pro Sport Racing Wheel

The Subsonic SA5156 Drive Pro Sport Racing Wheel is one highly realistic sim racing wheel — and it’ll enhance every game you play with it. Designed to work with PlayStation 4 consoles as well as the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro (plus Xbox One consoles and more), this steering wheel weighs 7.8 pounds and measures 17.32 x 12.6 x 10.63 inches. It comes with paddle shifters, a manual shifter, and a pedal unit. You’ll get a wholly realistic gameplay experience with this excellent steering wheel, and it takes things to the next level. It offers 270-degree steering and packs double vibration motors, with sensitivity adjustment and custom button programming too. You’ll enjoy precision during games and be able to play everything from Gran Turismo Sport to Need for Speed and so much more. And you’ll be able to feel bumps, impacts, and more. 

Honorable Mention
Thrustmaster F1 Racing Wheel

Steering wheels for PS4 consoles and video games are supposed to be fun, but the Thrustmaster F1 Racing Wheel offers a whole new kind of fun. This product is both a sim racing wheel and a collectible item, and it’s designed to both feel realistic and look just like a cool Ferrari steering wheel. Designed as a Ferrari 150th Italia racing wheel replica, this gaming accessory can be used either as a display piece or a gaming steering wheel. It works with PS4 consoles as well as PS3, Xbox One, and PC gaming. Both responsive and precise, this steering wheel is made with reinforced scratched-brushed metal for a heavy, solid feel under your palms. It helps provide optimum stability and inertia, keeping gamers feeling like they’re driving. And there’s even rubber-textured grip underneath the wheel’s surface so your hands don’t slip away.

Honorable Mention
PXN V900 Racing Steering Wheel With Pedals

If you’re hoping to get both great value and great game performance from your PS4 steering wheel, the PXN V900 Racing Steering Wheel With Pedals has everything you need. This is a complete driving and racing gaming set, featuring a cross-platform steering wheel that’s compatible with PS4, PS4 Slim, PS3, Xbox consoles, PCs, and more plus gas and brake pedals. The wheel features double built-in vibration motors, three adjustable sensitivity levels, and completely programmable buttons. You can select whether you want 270 degrees or 900 degrees based on whether you’re playing driver games or competitive racing games. An audio communication function lets you chat with other gamers, and the rubber wheel grip and pressure-sensitive pedals make precise moves feel real. You’ll enjoy natural, wonderfully responsive results on-screen with every turn, pedal tap, and even impact. The vibration feedback in particular will bring your games to life.

Honorable Mention
Doyo Gaming Racing Wheel

The Doyo Gaming Racing Wheel is smaller and simpler than many competing steering wheels, but this product is no slouch. It’s incredibly versatile and works with not only PS4 consoles but also PS3, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and even Android gaming setups. And you don’t get solely a steering wheel — you’ll also get a pedal set for one reasonable price. The steering wheel itself measures 9.6 x 13 x 9.6 inches in size, and it offers a 270-degree turning radius. Vibration makes for a realistic driving experience no matter what you’re playing. And you can even control the sensitivity level and adjust as needed. You’re also in control of your button programming, putting whatever functions you need at your fingertips. This sim racing wheel is backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, so while it might not be complex, it is one you can trust.


  • Every PS4 steering wheel performs differently and offers a different tactile experience during gameplay. Look for products that create the most realistic feel if you want a true behind-the-wheel experience. 
  • Simpler can be better if you’re buying your very first sim racing wheel. Consider price over top tier performance until you decide what you like and don’t like about the feel of a gaming wheel.
  • The material of any PS4 sim racing wheel isn’t super important. Most gamers have personal preferences when it comes to the material, so you can worry about specialized material later on.


Q: Can you use a PS4 steering wheel on GTA 5?

As long as the steering wheel you choose works with your PS4, you should be perfectly fine to use it while playing GTA 5.

Q: Will any steering wheel work on PS4?

Some steering wheels will work on PS4 consoles and other gaming platforms. However, others are more specialized. It’s important to check the compatibility and system requirements of any steering wheel you’re considering so you’re certain it’ll work with your PS4.

Q: Are PS4 steering wheels worth it?

Using a steering wheel while you play games like GTA, Forza Motorsport 7, or Dirt Rally can make for a more realistic experience. It can also help you improve and hone entirely different skills.

Q: Where can I buy a PS4 steering wheel?

Plenty of online retailers offer PS4 steering wheels, including giants like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. You can also visit brick-and-mortar stores that sell video games to find these gaming accessories.

Final Thoughts

The Logitech Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force G29 Racing Wheel is an all-around excellent pick for any PS4 gamer in need of a steering wheel. However, the Subsonic SA5426 Racing Wheel With Pedals is also a great choice, and it offers an affordable price. Tell us what PS4 steering wheels are at the top of your list in the comments below.