Best LED Light Strips for Cars: Add Some Extra Appeal To Your Ride

Enhance your interior and boost your visibility with these LED Light Strips

byMike Knott, Nikola Petrovski, Robert Kimathi| UPDATED Apr 2, 2020 11:31 AM
Best LED Light Strips for Cars: Add Some Extra Appeal To Your Ride

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BYMike Knott, Nikola Petrovski, Robert Kimathi/ LAST UPDATED ON April 2, 2020

The simplest way to add some extra appeal to your car is with a high-quality LED light strip. However, choosing the best light strip for your car can be challenging at times, given the many products available. That is why we have put together this buying guide. We present the best three products that provide great value for your money.

Best Overall
OPT7 Single Row Aura 4pc Auto Interior Lighting LED Strip

OPT7 Single Row Aura 4pc Auto Interior Lighting LED Strip


This light strip features simple plug-and-play installation, thus it can be fixed in a very short time. It allows access to a full spectrum of colors for enhanced interior beauty. Additionally, its bass-activated technology ensures your light flashes to the beat of the music.


The LED light strip can bend, twist, or curve around any surface. It comes with a remote control for the lights and music. Also, this light is weatherproof for maximum durability.


Some users claim that the light is not sturdy enough due to its rubber instead of metallic backing. Also, the light strip does not have a manual flash setting feature.

Best Value

MICTUNING White LED Cargo Truck Bed Light Strip


This is an attractive LED light strip that you can mount anywhere in your car. It comes with a Blade Fuse and an on-off switch that you can use to control it. Also, the light strip has an IP67 sealed housing that protects it from harsh weather.


It is made of highly durable materials and has a lifespan of 30,000 hours. The light strip comes with a reliable adhesive that makes it stick on any part of the vehicle. Also, it comes with a dual user-friendly remote for the lights and music.


They may look a bit smaller. Also, the lights may not function well in freezing weather.

Honorable Mention

Govee Unifilar Car LED Strip Light


This LED light strip comes with an upgraded one-line design that is suitable for all car models. It has an app and a fixed controller that you can use to change its colors. The light strip has a waterproof coating that makes it suitable for all types of weather. 


It has a built-in mic sensitive function for music sync. The light strip comes with over 16 million tones and colors you can select. Also, it has a working voltage of 12V and can be powered by your car battery.


It comes with a short wire length. You cannot separate the strips to fit on a larger car, such as a medium-sized sedan.

Benefits of LED Light Strips

  • Flexibility. One of the most important benefits of LED light strips is that they are flexible compared to traditional lights. Due to their flexibility, they can be attached to any surface, so you can use these in your car in any way you want.
  • Easy installation. Installing LED light strips is not a difficult task and there is no technical knowledge required to install them. The installation instructions are quite easy to follow. All you need to do is connect the light to a power supply. Some LED light strips are self-adhesive, so they don’t need any brackets for installation.
  • Safe to use. Another benefit of LED light strips is that they are safer to use and less risky. This is because these lights do not produce a lot of heat and become a potential fire hazard.
  • Long-lasting. Compared to other lights, LED light strips are quite durable and long-lasting. Most LED lights can withstand harsh weather and are waterproof.

Types of LED Light Strips

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DC LED Flex Strips

These are flexible strips that are mostly self-adhesive so they can be attached to any surface. They are powered from 12 volts of DC power. This type of light strip is mostly waterproof. They come in different lengths so it is important to verify the length before buying them. These strips can be cut per your requirements.

High Output LED Light Strips

This type of LED light strip is made with high power LEDs. They are not so flexible and need to be connected with a power adapter or charger. These strips generally come in a fixed length.

AC LED Flex Strips

These are also flexible LED light strips that are mostly self-adhesive. You just need to plug these in and they’ll be ready to use. They are also known as reeled strips because of their flexibility.

Top Brands


OPT7 was founded in 1998 in California and is one of the most recognized brands in automotive lighting. It specializes in automotive HID, light kits, SMD LED, LED strip kits, and LED lighting products. OPT7 continuously launches new products to make your ride look brighter. It is best known for its OPT7 Single Row Aura 4pc Auto Interior Lighting LED Strip


Located in California, MICTUNING is a well-known brand name in the automotive lighting industry. It develops high-performing lighting kits for cars. One of its most popular products is the MICTUNING White LED Cargo Truck Bed Light Strip.


Govee is a relatively new company that makes lighting, home security, and thermometer equipment. However, it specializes in high-quality and durable LED lighting strips. The company’s best-seller is the Govee Unifilar Car LED Strip Light.

LED Light Strips Pricing

  • $15-$45: The price depends on the LED light strip type, color, length, and other qualities such as self-adhesiveness. In this price range, you can get a waterproof light strip ranging from 30 to 70 inches.
  • $45 and up: For longer strips, the price will increase. In this price range, you’ll pay for an LED light strip that is more than 70 inches in length.

Key Features


LED light strips are available in warm colors as well as in different bright colors. They are also available in color-changing RGB LEDs. With different types of colors, your car interior can be customized and decorated in different ways. The LED strip lights for cars give an instant LED glow to your vehicle. The choice is based on preference.

Waterproof Strips

Waterproof LED light strips have a thin silicone layer that makes them waterproof. Waterproof strips are important when it comes to an outdoor setting. To customize your car, it is recommended to use waterproof strips to avoid any hassle later.

Other Considerations

  • Length. You should know the desired length of LED light strips before you buy them for your car. For most LED types, the price depends on the length of the strip. Therefore, it is important to know how much length you need in order to save your money. 
  • Quality. Quality should also be an important consideration because you should invest your money in something that you trust. It is important to buy high-quality and durable light strips for your car so that you can use them for a long time.

Best LED Light Strips Reviews & Recommendations 2020

This high-quality single-row LED interior lighting strip is a great way to enhance the interior design of your car. It is quite easy to install because it comes with a simple plug-and-play option. Simply plug it in, place it on the desired area of your car, and that’s it. Its full spectrum of multiple colors makes it look very appealing. The best thing about this LED light strip is that it comes with a bass-activated technology. This means your light will flash with the beat of the music.

Another useful feature of this LED light strip is its flexibility. You can bend it or twist it in any way you want. Therefore, you can also use it on any surface you like. Its features give you an option to customize the interior of your car as per your preferences. You can control the settings of light and music by using wireless remote control. For maximum durability and usage, this LED light strip is waterproof. You can use it with complete peace of mind because it is safe and durable.

However, we found that due to its rubber backing, its light is not very sturdy. Apart from this, we also found that it does not have a manual feature for the flash setting. Some people prefer remote controls while some prefer manually controlling the settings, so for those people who like a manual setting feature, this might be a turnoff.

The MICTUNING LED light strip comes with an on/off switch to control the settings. So, for those people who like to manually have control over their LED lights, this is a great addition. Apart from this, this LED strip can be easily mounted in your car. These car lights enhance the beauty of your car. This is a great light strip to use in areas where the weather is harsh. Because of the addition of IP67 sealed housing, this LED light is quite durable even in harsh weather.

This LED light strip is a long-lasting product that will last the lifetime of your car. It has a lifespan of 30,000 hours. For people who like to control the light settings using an IR remote, this LED light strip comes with a remote control that you can use to adjust the lights and music settings.

This light strip can be stuck to any part of the vehicle because it comes with reliable adhesive tape. So, installing this LED light strip properly, just the way you like it, is very easy.

Even though this is a great product, they look smaller than other LED light strips. You might also face some problems in using these lights in freezing weather.

This LED light strip is a great way to customize your car’s interior in a modern way. It is based on a one-line design that is suitable for all models. This light strip comes with an app along with a controller that you can control with your smartphone. You have millions of color options and you can change the LED color of your lights in any way you want, whenever you want. The inclusion of the android and iPhone app control makes it super easy to use.

This LED light strip is water-resistant so you can even use it on the exterior of your car and it will still be durable and long-lasting. The light strip has Soundsync, which allows you to sync music with the help of a built-in mic sound sensitive function. It can easily be powered by your car battery because its voltage is 12V.

However, despite all the advantages, there are also a few disadvantages to this product. The length of the wire is shorter as compared to other LED light strips. Therefore, you might need to buy more than one if you want to fully decorate the interior of your car or do some amazing DIY customization. Also, you don’t have the option of separating the strips. It does not have a Bluetooth setting.


  • When buying a high-quality LED light strip, check if it is easy to install and fits your car. Some light strips have a steep learning curve.
  • If you want to avoid trouble with police officers on the road, then only buy LED light strips that your state has approved for use in vehicles.
  • Some LED light strips don’t perform well in extreme weather. Therefore, you should check that the light strip is weather resistant before placing your order.


Q: Why do I need an LED light strip for my vehicle?

A: An LED light strip adds more style to your car. It also makes you visible on the road, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

Q: How long does a standard LED light strip last?

A: This will depend on the model of the LED light strip you purchase. Some of the best products in the market will last three years, which is an equivalent of 30,000 hours.

Q: Can I install an LED light strip by myself?

A: Yes. However, you may want to reach out to a professional for help with the installation. If you do want to install the light strips by yourself, then select a product with an easy setup.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for a quality LED Light Strip for your car, you want to pick one that provides all the essential features. We recommend the OPT7 Single Row Aura 4pc Auto Interior Lighting LED Strip as our best overall.

If you want to save a little money, then check out our best value pick, the MICTUNING White LED Cargo Truck Bed Light Strip. It comes with all the essential features you need while still saving you some bucks.