Best Pit Bikes: Have Fun With These Affordable Mini Dirt Bikes

These pit bikes will make your day outdoors

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BY Daniel Rika , Lotus Felix , Mike Knott / LAST UPDATED ON May 26, 2021

Pit bikes are not exclusive to kids. They may not have the engine size and frame of your typical full-size motorcycle, but riding pit bikes are a ton of fun. Since they’re lightweight and easy to maneuver, you don’t need to be a seasoned rider to enjoy the thrill. Are you looking to get a new pit bike? Check out our top three picks in the buying guide below.

Best Overall
X-PRO 125cc Pit Bike

The X-Pro 125cc Pit Bike features a powerful 125cc, 4-stroke engine that really moves. With 7.75 horsepower and 7,500 RPM, this bike will get you around the track with ease.

  • Has a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour
  • Semi-auto clutch is a great option for newer riders who may not yet be super familiar or comfortable with a 125 class bike.
  • Only has a maximum rider capacity of 130 pounds, which is light considering the bike’s size
Best Overall
X-PRO 125cc Pit Bike
Best Value
X-Pro Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike

The X-Pro Bolt 50cc pit bike has a two-stroke air-cooled engine that is capable of reaching a top speed of around 25 miles per hour.

  • Pit bike has speed safety control
  • Comes in several different colors
  • Designed for younger children
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Stylish and fun.
  • Not the most powerful
  • May be difficult to start for younger riders
Best Value
X-Pro Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike
Honorable Mention
Coolster 70cc Pit Bike

This bike is a quick and fun option for tearing up some mud or riding on trails. Ideally suited for kids ages 7-13, it has a maximum weight capacity of 130 pounds.

  • 70cc, 4-stroke engine offers 5.44 horsepower and 8,500 RPM, which is plenty of power for younger riders
  • Reliable kick start fires up on the first try almost every time
  • With a top speed of 30 miles per hour, kids can go fast, but not too fast.
  • This bike features a backwards shifting pattern compared to most others on the market, so you’ll have to re-learn how to shift if you buy another bike that’s set up correctly.
Honorable Mention
Coolster 70cc Pit Bike

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Benefits of Pit Bikes

  • Easy to get around. Pit bikes are small and lightweight, making them easy to pick up and get around. They are also smaller than normal motorcycles or dirt bikes and can maneuver around objects more easily. A pit bike is quick and reliable both on and off the road as well.
  • Simple to store or load. A pit bike’s smaller size makes it much easier to stow away or lug around. If you ever take a trip somewhere and want to bring the pit bike along, it can easily fit in the back of an SUV or a truck bed. Their size also makes them easy to store in a garage or shed.
  • Fun to ride. Pit bikes may be built for functionality in a pit area, but they are also quite entertaining. They are quick and lightweight and are perfect for zipping around a neighborhood or being taken off-road. 
  • It does not require a license. One of the best things about a pit bike is that it does not require you to have a license. While they aren’t street legal, you can ride them off-road in your backyard or take them to compete in a motocross event.

Types of Pit Bikes


A production pit bike is designed to function more effectively off-road. They tend to feature larger, more enhanced features like suspensions and bigger displacement engines. The larger engine and components make them more adept at getting around in difficult terrain. This can also make them more expensive.

Children’s Mini-Cycle

A children’s pit bike is one that is specifically designed and built for kids. They are generally much smaller than production pit bikes and may not be as powerful. They have smaller engines and will also be lighter. A mini-cycle may not function quite as well off-road but does well enough on concrete.


A racing pit bike is built for speed and power. They are used in sporting events and come with large, powerful engines, tires, and wheels to help them get around more quickly. They are built like a motocross bike but are much smaller and more lightweight. Their size makes them a bit quicker as well.

Top Brands


Coolster is an ATV, dirt bike, and go-kart company that was founded in 2002 in Los Angeles, California. The company began as a small local shop but has expanded as a distributor across the globe. It manufactures high-quality ATVs, dirt bikes, and go-karts with one of its best pit bikes being the Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike 70cc.


XProUSA is a veteran-owned business based out of Cape Coral, Florida. It’s focused around importing, manufacturing, and retailing a large selection of children’s and adults, indoor & outdoor vehicles and toys, like the X-PRO Eagle 125cc ATV.


Apollo is based out of Saint-Laurent, Quebec and manufactures top-of-the-line pit bikes, motorcycles, and ebikes. The company was founded in 2003 and continues to create and produce bikes built for sport and racing today. The Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike and Apollo Precision Tools AGB 37 125cc are featured as our choices for best pit bikes.

Pit Bike Pricing

  • Under $700: Here you will find pit bikes that are built to get around but aren’t necessarily the quickest. They will function both on and off-road, but may not be the most suitable for high-speed racing.
  • Over $700: If you want a high-quality pit bike built to handle nearly any terrain, then this is where you will want to shop. These pit bikes will be constructed out of more durable and reliable materials, will be faster, and capable of competing in pit races.

Key Features

Load Capacity

Since pit bikes are smaller, they are designed to carry less weight. Typically they can take the weight of a child, but a full grown adult may not feel as comfortable on a pit bike. All pit bikes come with a maximum weight or load capacity. If that limit were to be exceeded, they may not function as well. Most pit bikes are capable of handling up to 150 pounds.

Other Considerations

  • Maximum Speed: With pit bikes being much smaller than motorcycles or motocross bikes, they will also come with less power. That doesn’t mean they are any less fun though. Pit bikes can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. You may be able to improve their speed by upgrading parts as well.
  • Portability: We’re not saying pit bikes are easy to carry, but they aren’t as hefty as a motorcycle. If you ever need to bring your pit bike anywhere, you can easily put it in the back of a truck or an SUV.
  • Type: You should keep in mind what you want to achieve with a pit bike. If you just want something to ride around the neighborhood or in your backyard, then a mini-cycle or production bike may be best for you. However, riders who are looking to compete in races should consider a racing bike.

Best Pit Bike Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
X-PRO 125cc Pit Bike

For the best overall power, performance, and durability, the choice has to be the X-PRO 125cc Pit Bike. It features a powerful 125cc, 4-stroke engine that really moves. With 7.75 horsepower and 7,500 RPM, this bike will get you around the track with ease. It’s got a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour. The semi-auto clutch is a great option for newer riders who may not yet be super familiar or comfortable with a 125 class bike. 

It’s equipped with rugged, knobby 14-inch front and 12-inch rear wheels for confident traction on a multitude of terrains. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide quick and precise braking. The front suspension features XR70 replica forks with springs and an oil damper. Rear suspension is a non-adjustable 9.5-inch mono shock.

This pit bike has a small weight capacity of only 130 pounds, so it’s not great for heavier riders. It’s got a 30-day parts warranty, so be sure to check all components immediately upon arrival, as some users have noted leaky gas tanks right from the start. This bike cannot be sold or shipped to California.

Best Value
X-Pro Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike

The X-Pro Bolt 50cc pit bike comes with a two-stroke air-cooled 50cc engine. The small yet capable engine is enough to boost the bike to a top speed of 25 mph. Another great thing about this bike is it only weighs around 50 pounds so it’s light and agile too. It also features a maximum weight capacity of 132 pounds.

X-Pro is on our list a couple of times, so you know it’s an excellent brand that understands how to craft a pit bike. This specific bike has front and rear disc brakes for quick and responsive braking and improved handling. This also makes it easier to handle on rough roads, even for new riders. It has a heavy-duty frame that makes it more resilient and reliable. 

As far as downsides go, the Bolt pit bike isn't the fastest as it only comes with 50cc. Also, it may be difficult to start for younger riders.

Best for Beginners
Coolster 70cc Pit Bike

The Coolster 70cc Pit Bike is an ideal and durable choice for kids or beginners who are just getting into the sport. It’s a quick and fun option for tearing up some mud or riding on trails. Ideally suited for kids ages 7-13, it has a maximum weight capacity of 130 pounds. It’s also got a forgiving semi-automatic transmission with four gears and no clutch to mess with. It does, however, have a backwards shifting pattern as compared to most pit bikes, which takes some getting used to.

The 70cc, 4-stroke engine offers 5.44 horsepower and 8,500 RPM, which is plenty of power for younger riders. The reliable kick start fires up on the first try almost every time. With a top speed of 30 mph, kids can go fast, but not too fast.

This bike comes partially assembled, but it’s recommended that you hire a professional to complete the assembly. However, many users report being able to quickly and easily assemble the bike on their own. The biggest complaint is the backwards shifting pattern. Also, some users have reported receiving bikes with scratches or dents on them, so be sure to examine your bike thoroughly upon arrival.

Premium Pick
Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike

For bigger and more seasoned dirt bike riders, the Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike is a great choice. The 4-stroke, single cylinder 125 cc engine is powerful and performance-oriented. It’s got a top speed of 55 miles per hour, which is very respectable for a bike this size. Some users recommend adding an aftermarket carburetor to improve acceleration if you’re a larger adult who’s looking to be competitive. 

The 4-speed manual transmission is easy to shift and gets praise for reliability. The heavy-duty steel frame, sizable 17-inch front and 14-inch rear tires are great for taller riders. It’s got an impressive weight capacity of 185 pounds. Rugged dual suspension and hydraulic disc brakes allow you to confidently control the bike on a wide variety of terrain.

As with most pit bikes on our list, this one requires some assembly upon arrival. One consistent complaint is that the directions are basically kindling for your fireplace, but do have a couple of helpful diagrams, making assembly take much longer than with some other models. Larger riders complain that the seat is not padded enough and is uncomfortable on longer rides.

Honorable Mention
TAO Pit Bike DB14

This bike is an ideal choice for the lighter-weight rider. It’s also easy to handle and good for teenagers or younger adults who need time to be more experienced before handling a stronger bike. It has a 110cc air-cooled four stroke engine. This gives it a top speed of 31 miles per hour. The engine is manual kick start, as well. It has a semi-automatic transition, which is not common for the market and is excellent for newer riders.

This bike does require some assembly, so you need to be willing to take the time and investment to get things going. It has dual-disc brakes, all-terrain tires, and a very lightweight design. While still being designed for smaller riders, it has enough clearance to go over nearly any terrain.

However, the bike is on the cheaper end, so there are some reported issues with quality, durability, and functionality, especially at higher altitudes or in extreme weather.

Honorable Mention
X-PRO 70cc Pit Bike

Another great option for beginners and kids, the X-PRO 70cc Pit Bike offers a top speed of 30 mph, which is super fun and fast for novice riders. The 70cc, 4-stroke engine takes straight gasoline and doesn’t require mixing of gas, making it easy to maintain and reliable. A semi-automatic, 4-speed transmission is a breeze for kids to learn on.

This bike features a durable 420 chain with 14T front and 37T rear sprockets that are rust- and corrosion-resistant. The bike’s dual suspension is a respectable CRF 50 replica fork on the front and an 8.5-inch non-adjustable mono shock on the rear.

With a 24-inch seat height and a 130 pound weight limit, this bike will easily carry kids of several different ages, weights, and heights. For the price, it’s an excellent way for kids to try out the sport. If you have kids who are more seasoned at pit bike riding, though, this model will probably be a bit of a disappointment as far as power and durability are concerned.

Honorable Mention
X-Pro Hawk DLX 250 Dirt Bike

If you want style, power, and performance all in one, check out the X-Pro Hawk DLX 250 dirt bike. This beefy 250cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled engine is one of the most powerful on our list. We also like that this top-quality bike has a 5-speed manual transmission, whereas most of our other recommendations only have 4-speed transmissions. A 21-inch front tire and an 18-inch rear tire are great for taller, stronger, adult riders.

This bike is fast. It’s got a top speed of over 68 miles per hour and offers 11.5 horsepower, letting you tear up some trails and leave others in the dust. Hydraulic disc brakes and double inverted shocks on the front suspension are some nice upgrades compared to some other models on the market. 

Weighing over 300 pounds and coming in as the highest price dirt bike on our list, this isn’t a great option for kids or novice riders. This bike also has a 330-pound weight capacity, which is another top-of-the-list spec in our recommendations.

Honorable Mention
Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

The Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike gets a nod for being an affordable, environmentally-friendly option that’s ideal for brand new riders. This fully electric pit bike is inspired by the famous motocross rider Jeremy McGrath, so kids love it. Parents love the low-maintenance and quiet operation of the electric motor compared to the typical gas-powered engines.

This beginner bike offers a fun, yet very safe top speed of up to 15 miles per hour and up to 40 minutes of continued use before needing a recharge. While it’s definitely not a competition-ready bike, it’s pretty much guaranteed to get your kid to go outside and play and off their electronic devices.

This bike has a max rider capacity of 175 pounds, which is surprisingly substantial, thanks to the rugged frame and durable dual suspension. Large tires offer a smooth and grippy ride, which is great for younger riders who are learning to get a feel for a pit bike. One thing we don’t love about this bike is the long 12-hour recharge time on the battery.


  • Choose a low-maintenance pit bike if you are a beginner. As your riding skills develop, you can move on to pit bike models with enhanced performance and power specs.
  • If you are a new rider, select a pit bike that you can easily assemble or buy an already assembled model if you are not mechanically inclined.
  • Buying the right pit bike size for your height is essential for comfort and safety. The bike may be too small if you are flat-footed when sitting forward on it.    
  • Gently wash your pit bike after every ride. You can use brushes to take off the mud. Also, check for leaks when the bike is dry.
  • Clean your chain and inspect its tension. It shouldn’t be too loose or too tight.


Q: What is the difference between a pit bike and a dirt bike?

A: Pit bikes are smaller than a typical dirt bike and often have smaller diameter wheels. The engines of pit bikes range between 50cc and 150cc. Therefore, the speed is less than that of a standard off-road bike.

Q: Are pit bikes street legal?

A: Pit bikes from the factory are not street legal. However, you can make a couple of enhancements on the bike to pass state inspection. You may need to add accessories, like signals, a horn, and a license plate.

Q: What are the common types of pit bikes?

A: The three most popular types of pit bikes are production pit bikes, children’s mini-cycles, and racing pit bikes. Production pit bikes can be used for off-road functions due to enhanced suspension and bigger displacement engines. Racing pit bikes are usually for track riding.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen a variety of top-quality options when it comes to pit bikes, it’s easy to see why the X-PRO 125cc Pit Bike is our top pick. It’s the ideal combination of power, performance, durability, and price for younger riders who want big speeds.

For a more budget-friendly choice, check out the X-Pro Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike. It is fast, safe, and won’t blow your budget out of the water. 

Do you have a fast and reliable pit bike that you love? Let us know what it is and why you love it in the comments.