Best Gas Scooters For Adults: Combine Speed With Safety

These are the most reliable and fun gas scooters for adults

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PUBLISHED ON November 13, 2019

Gas scooters are an excellent alternative to traveling via car. Although they’re powered by gas, their emissions are minimal, and they’re cost-effective to run. These versions are much faster than traditional scooters or bicycles, so you can pick up the pace. Indulge in an adventurous and fun mode of transportation without forking out thousands of dollars. Here’s our list of the top three gas scooters for adults along with some buying tips.

  • Best Overall
    X Pro 50cc Gas Scooter
    This gas scooter comes with a built-in front dual and rear single shock suspension system. This technology provides a smooth and comfortable ride no matter the terrain. Fully automatic, the scooter’s speed is easy to adjust; simply twist the throttle.
    The purchase comes with free X-Pro gloves, goggles, and a handgrip. It’s available in blue and red, so you can choose a color that suits your tastes.
    Some assembly is involved once you receive the scooter. The mirrors aren’t large, making it difficult to sometimes see objects in the rearview.
  • Best Value
    Coleman Powersports 14 49cc Scooter
    Coleman designed this scooter to reach a maximum of 32 mph, making it ideal for traveling on slow roads. The scooter is equipped with an electric start system, so it’s ideal for your first gas scooter.
    The battery arrives charged, so you can ride the scooter as soon as possible.  It’s operated with hydraulic disc brakes for a smooth stop.
    Assembling the bike is fairly tricky, and you need to ride it below the maximum speed for your first few rides. You need to allow the bike five minutes to warm up before each ride.
  • Honorable Mention
    TaoTao Thunder 50cc Gas Scooter
    This gas scooter has a striking appearance with a sporty feel. It has a double seat, so you can carry a passenger. Designed with an electric starting system, this gas scooter is easy to switch on and off, making it perfect for all ages and experience levels.
    The thick and wide tires provide a secure sensation and allow you to feel safe on the road. You need a key to operate the scooter and open any components, which improves security.
    Assembling the scooter is timely and confusing with minimal instructions included with your purchase. This TaoTao product only comes with a 30-day warranty.

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  • Look for a scooter that has storage space for your essentials. You’ll typically have the option of storing things under the seat, in the trunk, or in a detachable basket on the front of the scooter.
  • Choose a scooter that’s a suitable build for your frame and height. The seat’s height makes a huge difference for comfort, so check if you can adjust the position. Make sure you are strong enough to park the scooter and easily get off of it without toppling over. 
  • Where you ride the scooter will affect the engine size you require. For example, if you want to travel far distances on fast roads, you’ll require an engine size around 150cc, but for shorter routes, a top speed of 30 mph with an engine that’s 50cc will suffice.


Q: What factors affect my scooter’s fuel consumption?

A: Carry as little equipment as possible so that your gas scooter doesn’t have to work hard to carry the additional weight. If it’s windy outside, it will use more fuel than if the weather is calm. Also, avoid riding on uneven surfaces, as rough terrain requires more fuel.

Q: Should I buy a used gas scooter?

A: If you’re searching for a gas scooter that you’ll ride for fun rather than daily use, a used one will suffice. This is also a great option if you have a small budget. But before you rush to the first used one you find, check reviews and research the warranty that comes with the purchase.

Q: What are the benefits of owning a scooter rather than a car?

A: A scooter is much cheaper to purchase and run. It’s also more environmentally friendly since it releases fewer emissions. It’s much easier to find a parking space for a scooter since it’s smaller.  

Final Thoughts

The X Pro 50cc Gas Scooter offers a fun ride for adults and has a sporty feel to it. With a maximum speed of 30mph, it’s also ideal for beginners. 

Don’t let a small budget spoil the fun, as our cheapest option is stylish and has all the features you need for a daily ride. The Coleman Powersports 14 49cc Scooter has a load capacity of 330 pounds.