Best Jeep Lift Kits: Improve Your Jeep’s Performance and Off-Road Capability

Boost your ride and cover more ground with these high-quality Jeep lift kits.

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BY Daniel Rika , Scott Roepel / LAST UPDATED ON June 14, 2021

If you want to increase your Jeep’s performance, you can do so by upgrading a variety of its parts. One of the best things you can do is get a lift kit. It increases the clearance of the vehicle, giving you more room to drive over rocks, water, and tree stumps. Plus, it changes the overall appearance of your Jeep and makes it more appealing and rugged looking. Here are a few of the best lift kits to check out.

Best Overall
MotoFab Lifts 3” Full Lift Kit

A sturdy and durable three-inch lift kit compatible with a number of Jeep Wranglers.

  • Designed out of high-grade steel with a black powder coat finish
  • Can be installed yourself with its bolt-on system
  • Makes your Jeep stand out
  • The instructions can be difficult
  • Installing the lift kit can be time-consuming
Best Overall
MotoFab Lifts 3” Full Lift Kit
Best Value
TrueTwo Jeep Wrangler 2.5” Coil Spacer Suspension Lift Kit

A nicely priced budget Jeep Wrangler JK lift kit designed out of tough polyurethane material.

  • Installation is easy if you use instructional videos
  • Can be put on with or without stock insulators
  • Provides a maximum 2.5-inch lift
  • End result may be a bit stiff and rough as it is not a full suspension lift
  • Only fits the JK model Jeep
Best Value
TrueTwo Jeep Wrangler 2.5” Coil Spacer Suspension Lift Kit
Honorable Mention
Rough Country 2.5” Suspension Lift Kit

A high-performance lift kit for both the front and rear of the vehicle that fits 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited JKs.

  • Increases ground clearance
  • Can be installed by yourself
  • Enhances how the Jeep looks and ride
  • Adds 2.5 inches of lift
  • Rubbing may occur with extreme articulation if you have 35-inch tires
  • Instructions can be difficult to understand
Honorable Mention
Rough Country 2.5” Suspension Lift Kit

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Benefits of Jeep Lift Kits 

  • Increased off-road capability. A lot of Jeep owners take pride in their vehicles’ off-road prowess. A lift kit will give the Jeep an even greater ability to climb steep inclines and traverse jagged rock gardens.
  • Durability. Some lift kits are built to such high standards that the components can actually add to your Jeep’s durability. Over-built parts can create a tougher platform for your off-road build.
  • Appearance. Jeep owners are all about customization. A lift kit allows a Jeep to be fitted with larger wheels and tires, which can change the look of the Jeep completely.

Types of Jeep Lift Kits 

Body Lifts

A body lift consists of parts that you fit between the cab of your Jeep and the frame. Hard rubber or polyurethane bushings would be sandwiched between the body and the frame at all the body-mount locations. The result is greater tire clearance and the appearance of a lift. They do not affect the suspension at all, but can be used to fit bigger tires on a vehicle.

Leveling Kits

If you look closely at most vehicles, you’ll see that the front of the vehicle appears to sit lower than the rear. Many times, this means that the rear of the vehicle can fit larger tires, but the front end does not have the clearance. A leveling kit can remedy this by lifting only the front end of the Jeep to match the height of the rear of the vehicle. 

Suspension Lifts

Suspension lifts are the high-performance lift upgrade for a Jeep. These kits often come with new shocks, coils, frame components, sway bars, and even steering parts if the lift is severe enough. These kits are the most expensive of the lift kit types, but they provide the ability to truly dial in your Jeep’s off-road worthiness.

Top Brands

Skyjacker Suspension

Skyjacker Suspension has been around for more than 40 years. They’ve made quality off-road products since the company’s inception. Based in West Monroe, La., they produce Jeep components like this Jeep Steering Stabilizer Kit.

Rough Country Suspension

You don’t have to be around off-road vehicles long before you become familiar with the Rough Country brand. This Dyersburg, Tenn., company manufactures heavy-duty off-road rigs for all types of vehicles, including this Jeep 2.5" Lift Kit.


Anyone familiar with cars knows the Mopar name. Considering the company has been around since the 1930s, anyone looking at lift kits should think about checking out Mopar’s Jeep parts, like this Jeep Carrier Kit, built for oversized tires.

Jeep Lift Kit Pricing 

  • Up to $100: Kits in this range are usually appearance-oriented and include body lifts and leveling kits to allow for bigger tires with minimal suspension modification.
  • $100 to $500: This price range is where you’ll start to see kits with actual off-road engineering. Coil spacers and suspension lifts are common here.
  • $500 and up: This tier includes light-duty suspension lifts all the way to complete off-road outfits. These kits come fully equipped to get your Jeep off the pavement.

Key Features

Ease of Installation

Some lift kits are very basic while others are more complex. Depending on whether or not you’re going to do your own install, this is something to consider. If you’re on a budget, you might think the cheapest kit is the way to go, but a pricier kit that you can install yourself will save you on shop labor.


There are kits that level, there are kits that lift, and there are kits that do both. Make sure whatever kit you choose will give you the exact look that you want. There are many kits on the market, so finding one that gives your Jeep that perfect stance shouldn’t be hard to find.


Having a company’s guarantee behind their product can be priceless. Considering a lot of people lifting their Jeeps are doing so to improve off-road performance, rough terrain and sticky situations are inevitable. Those conditions can break inferior components, and knowing a company stands by their product gives you peace of mind.

Other Considerations

  • Quality of Construction. There are many lift kits available for Jeeps, and some just aren’t up to snuff. It’s important to know the quality of the kit you’re buying so you don’t end up with poor fitment or cheap parts.
  • Heavy-Duty Use. If your Jeep is going to see heavy off-road use, you’re going to want to buy a comprehensive suspension lift. Although you may be able to fit larger tires on a body lift or coil spacer kit, they do nothing to increase your suspension travel and you may just end up stuck in the middle of a trail with no way to get out.

Best Jeep Lift Kits Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
MotoFab Lifts 3

Our pick for the Best Jeep Lift Kit Overall is the MotoFab Lifts 3” Full Lift Kit. This bolt-on kit provides the most clearance out of all our picks and is built to fit several types of Wranglers. The shock extenders allow your Jeep to clear 35-inch tires.

There are quite a few things that we like about the MotoFab kit. For one, the kit is completely bolt-on, so a driveway mechanic should be able to install it without much issue. The additional half-inch of lift that this kit provides over our other choices will come in handy off-road. We also like the durable powder-coated finish the components come in.

There are some sticking points to consider. For one, familiarize yourself with the directions before you dive in. Some users state they’re difficult to understand. Also, make sure you have some time set aside to get the job done, as it could take you a while.

Best Value
TrueTwo Jeep Wrangler 2.5

Our value pick for the Best Jeep Lift Kit is the TrueTwo Jeep Wrangler Coil Spacer Suspension Lift Kit. As the name suggests, this is a coil spacer kit designed for easy installation and fast aesthetic improvement. It can provide 2 inches of lift without factory isolators, and 2.5 inches with them.

At this price, we really like the TrueTwo kit. For one, it installs pretty easily, although it is recommended that you use the video instructions as your guide. We also like that this is a really fast way to get 2.5 inches of additional clearance onto your Jeep, making it look cool and allowing for bigger tires.

As with all things, there are some drawbacks. The TrueTwo kit is a coil spacer system, which means it’s going to take some of the plushness of your suspension and throw it out the window. Not only will your comfort level decrease during daily driving, but you may also find the reduction in suspension travel jarring off-road.

Honorable Mention
Rough Country 2.5

The list is not complete without an honorable mention, and Rough Country’s Suspension Lift Kit deserves ours. This comprehensive, high-performance kit comes with everything you need for a mild lift with some actual off-road pedigree.

This kit checks a lot of boxes. It increases ride height and ground clearance, it’s possible to install the kit yourself, and it allows for bigger tires. Those are all things we really like. This kit is also complete with components that will give your Jeep real off-road chops.

There’s a couple of reasons why this kit is the honorable mention instead of the top pick. For one, this kit only provides 2.5 inches of lift, so many users have had rubbing issues when they fit 35-inch tires on their Jeeps. An additional half-inch of clearance may have solved that. On top of that, this kit comes with a lot of parts and the directions aren’t as clear as we would have liked them to be.

Most Simple
Daystar, Jeep JK Wrangler Lift Kit

The circular high-density polyurethane spacers provide around .75 inch of ground clearance. They’re inexpensive and are easy to install, but their best feature by far is allowing you to add a larger set of tires onto your Jeep.

The kit includes two front and two rear spacers, but they can be stacked with other spring lift kits for added clearance. Their addition to your Jeep may also improve its ride quality and performance just a bit. Not to mention, they will make your vehicle stand out from the rest by just adding a little bit of lift. 

However, you will need your own set of tools to install the kit yourself. Watching a video online may help ensure you fit them correctly and securely. While the installation may be simple, it can be time-consuming, so you will want plenty of time to mount the spacers.

Best Suspension
Rough Country 2” Lift Kit

There are several reasons why this product stands out from our previously mentioned one. First off, it is cheaper than our other choice, and it offers 2 inches of lift, which is plenty. 

Even with the blocks added to the suspension, they offer the same ride, comfort, and performance the Jeep had beforehand. They also completely change how Jeep models look once they’re mounted. The Rough Country lift kits provide a more aggressive and rugged stance to the vehicle, too. You’ll be able to easily mount larger wheels as well.

While this suspension lift is set at a lower price than the other model, it is still going to set you back a bit. It may also take a few hours to install as some of the bolts can be difficult to remove at first. 

Honorable Mention
Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit

This kit comes with two high-crystalline front spring spacers and two rear ones that are rugged, beefy, and sleek to improve off-road handling and performance. The four spacers provide up to a 2.5-inch lift in total.

One of the best benefits of this lift kit is the way it installs: You won't need any other fancy tools or equipment to mount it to the Jeep. It's a universal lift kit that can be added to just about any Jeep Cherokee model, as long as it's built between 1999 and 2004. The spacers are made out of durable, long-lasting plastic.

However, there have been reports about a considerable amount of wobble after installing the kit. This may have to do with the track bar and not the kit itself. You may also hear a slight noise from the springs after mounting the kit.

Honorable Mention
JL Jeep Wrangler Performance 2” Lift Kit

The kit provides around two inches of lift to a standard Jeep Wrangler JL, making it look even more rugged and mighty. It’s a full overhaul for your Jeep and is backed by the Mopar name.

Along with the professional level and high-quality lift kit, you also get a useful and well-made crate. The classic looking box is reusable and looks fantastic. The kit even works with electronic stability control and isn’t too difficult to install.

One of the biggest issues with the entire kit is its weight. It weighs around 170 pounds inside the crate and can be a pain to maneuver around. There have also been complaints that the ride may change after installing the kit, specifically how the vehicle feels at higher speeds. It could feel more sluggish as well.

Honorable Mention
Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit with Shocks

Along with four spacers, this kit also includes four new shocks to go along with the spacer set. The kit also adds around 3 inches of lift to any Jeep Wrangler.

The entire lift kit takes around four hours to install, and it all bolts in place. Each piece of equipment is made out of high-density material for added weight and strength. It's a great kit for adding larger wheels and tires to change how a Jeep looks. Plus, it shouldn't be too difficult to install.

This kit is by no means set at a premium level, but it is considerably pricey. You may also notice a difference in how the Jeep rides and sits, but it shouldn't be all that bad. The shocks may also be stiffer than the stock ones you replace.


  • Align your wheels after installing a lift kit to ensure a more smooth and comfortable ride without harming the tires.
  • While many lift kits, such as body lifts, can be installed by yourself, you may want to use a professional to install a suspension or level lift kit. Many may require complex tools or need to be welded in place.
  • If you have trouble installing a lift kit by yourself, watch instructional videos online to make sure you do it safely and correctly.


Q: Will installing larger tires with a new lift kit affect the ride?

Yes, larger tires will change how theJeep handles both on and off the road. You may notice the tires rubbing against the wheel well after installation during tight corners or turns. You will also get an increased amount of road noise on the highway.

Q: Will installing a lift kit void the Jeep’s warranty?

The installation of a lift kit may void the warranty on the vehicle since it is considered a physical alteration. Check with the manufacturer to see what it says about installing lift kits. If you are worried, it may be best to wait until the coverage has ended.

Q: Is a lift kit compatible with all Jeeps?

Not all lift kits will fit on every Jeep model. They are designed to work on a few models or one in particular. Research the make and model of your Jeep and compare it with the lift kit you are interested in to see if they are compatible.

Final Thoughts

For one of the best Jeep lift kits to enhance the look and ride of your Jeep, consider the MotoFab Lifts 3” Full Lift Kit.

Our budget choice, the TrueTwo Jeep Wrangler 2.5” Coil Spacer Suspension Lift Kit, gives you more ground clearance at a lower price.