Best Motocross Boots: Improve Your Grip and Control

Ride harder, faster, and further with these top motocross boots

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BYDaniel Rika, Scott Roepel/ LAST UPDATED ON May 26, 2021

If you want to get into motocross, one of the most important pieces of gear you should have is high-quality boots. They will ensure your feet are firmly planted in place and don’t slip off the foot pegs. They also protect your feet and legs in case you take a dive or fall off your bike. Whether you need to upgrade your current boots or are considering your very first pair, here are a few options to consider.

Best Overall

Alpinestars Tech 5 Boots


These multi-panel motocross boots include a dense microfiber material for added support and protection.

  • Boots are lightweight and durable
  • Include a biomechanical pivot system for enhanced stability and a large amount of flex
  • Feature a rubber compound outsole with a replaceable sole
  • Calf protector is plastic and may leave scuff marks on certain materials. 
  • On the stiffer side, which will require a longer and more intense break-in period
Best Value

Fly Racing Unisex-Adult Riding Boots


A futuristic pair of motocross boots with a cool pattern and 3D-printed comfortable shin protectors.

  • Easy to lock and adjust with their quick-lock buckles
  • There are additional grooves on the bottom of the boot for a firmer grip on the shift level
  • They are padded and soft on your feet
  • Stiff out of the box and need time to break in
  • My run a bit large
  • Bottoms can be a bit slick
Honorable Mention

O’Neal New Logo Rider Boot


A stylish and sleek set of motocross boots that feature injected molded plastic plates to protect against impacts.

  • Reinforced with steel shank inserts for additional support
  • Feature a four-buckle closure system for a firmer fit
  • Equipped with a synthetic leather heat shield to prevent damage from heat

  • Not waterproof, so your foot will get wet if you go through a puddle
  • They feel clunky and rigid, and the straps could be more durable

Benefits of Motocross Boots 

  • Protection. Motocross riding is an extreme sport. Wearing the right boots will protect your feet, ankles, and lower legs. In the event of a crash, your boots will brace your feet and legs from injury while also protecting you from scrapes, bruises, and sharp debris.
  • Pedal Grip. Motocross boots have deeper treads in a rubber sole to help you get a solid and secure grip on the pedals. If you’ve ridden in sneakers, you know how uncomfortable it is to have your feet sliding all over the place. Boots eliminate almost all foot peg slippage. 
  • Versatility. If you’re into other extreme sports, then you can get maximum use out of your motocross dirt bike boots. You could wear them ATVing, snowmobiling, motorcycling, or even snowboarding. 

Types of Motocross Boots


Many people will use this term to refer to all boots worn while riding a dirt bike, but these are a specific type of boot. They are a more “sporty” design meant for racing on a track with jumps. They will be higher up on the leg and have extra ankle support. These boots are meant to protect against ankle injuries, which are common when landing jumps. 

Trail or Enduro 

These dirt bike boots have more toe protection since you’ll be wearing them off-road on the trail. The budget boots will have a steel-capped toe, but this often isn’t enough protection. The high-end boots will add to this with extra toe protection and reinforcement around the entire toe area. These boots will also have extra waterproofing. The higher-end enduro boots tend to perform better at keeping water out. 

Moto Trials 

These boots are designed to be both protective and comfortable. You’ll spend quite a bit of time walking in them, so they need to work both on and off of your dirt bike. They should have a molded rubber sole that’s flexible and light. 

Mini-Bike or Thumpster 

You should always wear full-length boots if you can manage it, but sometimes your mini bike is just too small to accommodate a boot with a longer upper. When this happens, you can wear a short-cut boot. These boots are like a smaller version of the boots you may be used to and are more protective than wearing sneakers on your minibike. It’s best to bring your bike with you when you try on these boots. You want something comfortable so you aren’t distracted while riding. 

Top Brands

Fox Racing 

Founded in 1974, Fox Racing is an American company that manufactures extreme sports equipment and lifestyle clothing. They specialize in producing motocross equipment. Their gear consistently outperforms other brands on the market with durable materials and high-quality construction. Fox Racing is a top pick for beginners and professional riders alike. To top it all off, you’ll find their gear is some of the best-looking, with attractive colors and designs. The Fox Racing Comp Instinct Offroad Boots in Blue are a perfect example of Fox Racing’s bold design and innovative features.  

Fly Racing  

Fly Racing got its start in 1998 as a handlebar and helmet manufacturer. They have since expanded their line of products to include a wide variety of gear and apparel. They have developed a reputation for producing durable and quality gear at affordable prices. Today the company distributes its products in over 40 countries worldwide. Their motocross boots blend style and functionality while also balancing high-end features with price. The Fly Racing Maverik Boots in red and black are an example of Fly’s commitment to affordable quality. 


Alpinestars produces sportbike and motocross gear in its Torrance, Calif. headquarters for worldwide distribution. Founded in 1963, it’s known as one of the top brands in the industry for producing gear that works perfectly with a more aggressive riding position and extreme riding activities. Their gear appeals to those with more experience who are willing to invest in their gear. Riders who know what features they’re looking for in their motocross boots tend to like Alpinestars Tech 7 and Tech 10 gear. The Alpinestars Tech LeRadiant Tech Boots are high-end boots that are sure to attract attention. 


Back in the 1960s in Los Angeles, Calif., one man had a passion for motocross. By 1970, Jim O’Neal began selling products to local riders at races. Almost 50 years later, the company is known internationally and is sold at over 7,000 retail locations worldwide. The company prides itself on developing gear with riders in mind. It’s about fellow riders crafting gear that’s designed to improve performance. The O’Neal Element Boots are a perfect example of the company’s commitment to durable boots designed with motocross riders in mind. 

Motocross Boots Pricing

  • $100 to $250: These are entry-level boots that are perfect for the beginner, someone with a strict budget, or the occasional weekend warrior. They will have less ankle protection and use lower-grade leather. The advantage of these boots is that they tend to be more comfortable to walk around in.
  • $250 to $400: These boots strike a nice balance between superior protection and price. They work well for everyone, from beginners to expert level riders. You’ll find they use full-grain leather, plastic shielding, and sturdy ankle protection. Increased ankle protection does cause them to be stiffer, which can hinder gear changes and rear brake control. 
  • $400 and up: These are the boots that the professionals and serious racers wear. They are loaded with features and use only the highest quality full-grain leather and high-tech plastic composites. There is also a large catalog of replaceable parts, which makes maintaining these boots easier. 

Key Features

Ankle Protection  

Ankle injuries are common in motocross, so look for a boot that provides plenty of support. Test the lateral ankle protection of a boot. Hold it in your hands and try to bend it at the ankle. You want to test the side to side bend, not the up and down bend. Imitate the action that happens when you roll your ankle on uneven ground, not the movement you make when shifting gears. The harder it is to bend the boot, the more protection it has. 

Molded Soles 

This is an emerging trend among motocross boots. The traditional method for manufacturing boots was to use a steel toe cap and sole that is stitched flat. Molded soles directly mold the sole to the boot upper. This eliminates the steel cap and creates a more shoe-like shape on the outside for a more comfortable boot.

Quick Release Lock Buckles   

Pay attention to the material that the buckles are made of. Low-cost and lower-quality boots will use plastic buckles. These buckles don’t last; you’ll want to make sure they’re replaceable. Alloy buckles are higher-quality and will last longer. They also provide a more secure fit without the risk of them breaking or popping open mid-ride. 

Other Considerations

  • Ride Style. Buy the boots that are intended for the type of motocross riding you intend to do. That way, the boots you wear will have the features and design you need to feel comfortable while riding. They will also have the adequate safety features you need on your feet, ankles, and legs.  
  • Shifter Space. Some boots have a bulky toe box. This can make them difficult to fit under your shifter and awkward to slide your foot in and out from under the shifter. You can look for boots that have a slimmer toe box, or you can adjust your shifter to create more room. 

Best Motocross Boots Reviews & Recommendations 2021

These multi-panel motocross boots have a dense microfiber material interior for added support and protection. These boots come in various colors and designs, so you’re sure to find one you like. There are three buckles located at the ankle and one on the upper shin for the most secure fit. 

These boots have a lightweight and durable design and feature a biomechanical pivot system. This gives them enhanced stability and an increased amount of flex. The foot shell is a single piece of TPU-injected dual compound and is high impact- and abrasion-resistant. The buckle closure system uses fiberglass and polymer arms and high-impact aluminum bridge closures. The buckle system also features memory and a quick-release locking system with a self-aligning setup. All of the buckles are replaceable.

There are a couple of downsides. The calf protector on these boots is plastic and may leave scuff marks. You may also find these boots to be stiff. 

These boots have a super cool futuristic look to them with 3D printed shin protectors. They have a bold hi-vis yellow and black design. The four buckle closures are evenly spaced throughout the boots for a secure fit throughout the length of your foot, ankle, and leg. 

The quick lock buckle system on these boots makes them easy to lock and adjust. There is also additional grooving on the bottom of the boots to increase your traction and give you a firm grip on the foot pegs. Your feet will love the additional padding on the inside that provides soft comfort all day. The toe box on these boots is nice and slim, too. 

You’ll need to do some serious breaking in with these boots. They are quite stiff out of the box. They also tend to run a bit large, so plan to size down. You should also scuff up the bottoms because they tend to be a bit slick. 

These boots are sleek and stylish with injected molded plastic shin plates covering the shins. They are all black with a bold white O’Neal logo on the shin. Four lock buckles are evenly spaced throughout the length of the boot. 

There is a steel shank inserted into these boots to provide increased support. To increase the comfort level further, there is an air mesh interior. There is also a four-buckle closure system to give you a firmer and more custom fit. The synthetic material has heat treating to prevent it from getting damaged while riding. 

These boots are not waterproof, so they aren’t ideal for riding in water. You may also find these boots to be too rigid or clunky. You can combat this somewhat with a more aggressive break-in regime. The clunkiness can cause issues when shifting due to the thick tow box. Also, the straps aren’t as durable as they could be.

The Alpinestars Tech-7 Enduro Boots are flexible, ergonomic, and durable. As far as comfort goes, they are designed with a soft padding that hugs your feet and ankles. Even though the boots bend and flex easily with each step, they are also quite rigid. The outer layers are stiff and offer great protection. They are a premium pair of motocross boots. When it comes to how they feel on a bike, they are sturdy and reliable. The underside is constructed with rubber grips that help ensure your feet stay on the pedals and gears. The microfiber is light as, making the whole boot lightweight.

However, the motocross boots are quite pricey due to their design and name brand. They may also feel stiff when first put on. It may take a few rides to fully stretch them out to a more comfortable fit.

The Fox Racing Adults Comp R Motocross Boots are designed by one of the most recognized names in racing. They look great, are reasonably priced, and are comfortable, if a bit blocky. They clasp tightly and securely around the ankles but don’t squeeze uncomfortably due to their silicone construction. The material also helps allow the boots to move more easily. They bend and flex with each step and gear shift, and it all feels natural and flows smoothly. The design also helps prevent hyperextending your leg. They fit snugly and latch tightly. Plus, they feature durable rubber guards for improved grip and bite.

There have been complaints that shifting gears with the boot can be difficult and it may be easier to do with the side of the foot. You may also find that the boots can be undersized.


  • Invest in a pair of riding socks to go along with your motocross boots. They are typically thicker and more padded than regular socks to better protect your feet.
  • If you find that your boots are not waterproof or water-resistant, you can solve the issue by investing in a water-repellent solution to apply to your boots.
  • You may not want to wear the motocross boots to walk around in because they are rather rigid and can be uncomfortable. Instead, bring along a pair of shoes to change into if you need to walk somewhere.


Q: Are motocross boots supposed to feel stiff?

They are designed to be a little rigid and will hug your leg and foot at first, but over time they will loosen up. They are stiff because they are made out of plastic. The best way to break them in and to make them more comfortable is to ride with them on. You can also use a heat gun or hot hair dryer to loosen the plastic while you are wearing them, but be careful not to burn yourself.

Q: How do I clean motocross boots?

After a long day of riding, your boots will most likely be filthy and caked with mud. The best way to effectively clean them is to use a high-powered pressure washer. Then you can leave them out to dry.

Q: How do I find the correct size of motocross boots?

Typically, you want to go one size larger in a pair of boots to make sure they are snug and comfortable. If you are trying them on in person, bring along riding socks to accurately measure your feet in the boots.

Final Thoughts

If you need a good pair of motocross boots that are stylish, lightweight, and breathable, then consider the Alpinestars Tech 5 Boots

You can save a bit of cash and check out the Fly Racing Unisex-Adult Maverick Mix Boots for their firm and comfortable grip on the shifter.

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