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Best Heated Motorcycle Gear: Ride Comfortably in the Cold

Heated motorcycle gear will enable you to ride all year long

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BYLinsay Thomas, Noelle Talmon/ LAST UPDATED ON August 24, 2021

For some people, the riding season doesn't stop when the mercury drops. These diehard souls take their bikes out throughout the year regardless of the temperature. They're tough, but they're also smart because they protect themselves by wearing heated motorcycle gear. Check out our buying guide below to find the top heated products that make riding in cold weather much less intimidating.

Best Overall

 Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner - 12V Motorcycle


This jacket has seven microwire heating zones across the collar, chest, sleeves, and back. It also features pre-wired glove connections at the end of the sleeves.

  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • Cozy but not bulky
  • Liner requires a battery harness
  • No elastic on collar or wrists
Best Value

Srivb Heated Vest


This ultra-warm vest has three heating zones and three warming levels. Choose from 113, 131, and 149 degrees. It comes with a battery pack and detachable power cord.

  • Elastic stretch panels 
  • Wind and water-resistant
  • Short heating time 
  • Minimal heating elements
Honorable Mention

Venture Heat Motorcycle Heated Jacket Liner


Stay toasty warm in this motorcycle jacket with seven heating zones. It’s a 3.5 amp and 43-watt jacket, making it ideal for use on smaller bikes.

  • Flexible heating elements 
  • Three heat settings
  • Wires directly to the battery
  • Wireless remote not included
Best Heated Motorcycle Gear: Ride Comfortably in the Cold

Best Heated Motorcycle Gear Reviews & Recommendations 2021

This heated jacket liner comes with seven heating zones to keep your torso and arms warm. This gives you even heating throughout your entire upper body. It can deliver heat up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. It uses a 12-volt power system that plugs into your bike’s power source. This liner is also compatible with battery harness systems. One nice feature of this jacket is that it has a dropped tailback to give you plenty of coverage. You can configure your jacket in multiple heating configurations. 

Unfortunately, this jacket’s liner requires a battery harness that doesn’t come with the jacket. You cannot use the heating elements without it. There is also no elastic on the collar or wrist cuffs, so the warm air can easily escape, allowing cold air to get in. 

This lightweight vest comes in sizes small through XX-large. It has five heating zones: two in the front on your waist, two on your lower back, and one on your upper back. Use the conveniently placed button to choose from three heat settings. It can warm up to 113, 131, or 149 degrees Fahrenheit. You can power the vest with the included detachable USB power cord or with an included battery pack. A nice touch of the jacket is the reflective strip down the front. Stretch panels on the sides of the vest give you a better and closer fit. 

One drawback of this vest is that the battery delivers a relatively short heating time. This may be fine for short rides but may not be enough for longer rides. It also only has five heating elements. This leaves your chest and the front of your body without heat.

These comfortable and warm gloves are perfect for cold weather riding. They’re made from soft and supple lambskin. There are three heating levels to choose from. The heating elements are on the back of the hand and down the five fingers. There is no heating element on the palm. On the lowest setting, the heating element will last for 4-5 hours at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. On the medium setting, it will last 3-4 hours at 122 degrees Fahrenheit. On the highest setting, it lasts up to 2.5 hours at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. A standout feature is the touchscreen compatibility on the pointer finger. 

The downside of this jacket liner is that it wires directly to your battery. This makes it tedious to hook up and disconnect when riding. It also comes ready to work with a wireless remote, but the remote doesn’t come with the liner. 

This heated motorcycle jacket will keep you toasty warm while riding your motorcycle with its seven heat panels. Each one is made from super flexible micro-alloy heating elements. There are two on the front, two on the back, one on each arm, and one around the collar. A standout feature on the jacket is the built-in waterproof temperature controller. It lets you quickly choose from three heat settings. You can connect this jacket with other Venture Heat gear for a complete, interconnected system. 

Unfortunately, a wireless remote isn’t included with the jacket. You’ll have to purchase this separately. The jacket liner is also thin, allowing you to feel the heating element wires through the jacket. It can make the jacket uncomfortable to wear.

This stylish women’s motorcycle jacket comes in an all-black design. It features microwave heat technology with steel fibers intertwined with a waterproof coating. It uses 12-volt battery power that can get wired into the rest of your heated gear for a complete system. You’ll enjoy hours of continuous heat. This jacket stands out because it gives you good looks and protection. The impact points on the elbows are reinforced. Lacing is on both sides of the jacket to cinch in your waist and give you a more feminine silhouette. This jacket comes in sizes X-small, large, and X-large.

The drawback of this jacket is that you’ll need to purchase a battery harness and temperature controller separately. This presents an additional cost as you can’t use the heating element in the jacket without them.


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  • If possible, wear wool or material such as Under Armour between the heated garment and your skin. This will prevent your skin from getting too hot. Avoid cotton because it can retain moisture, which isn't good if you sweat.
  • While your inner layer may be heated, it's important that the outer layer is windproof and waterproof. If it’s not, it will prevent the heated liners from working effectively.
  • Heated gear can get quite hot. Choose a garment that has adjustable heat that allows you to pick the temperature. Also, make sure to have extra fuses and tools in case your gear malfunctions when riding. You don't want to get stuck in frigid temperatures with gear that doesn't work.


Q: Is heated motorcycle gear expensive?

A: It can be, but if you do a lot of activities outdoors it will pay for itself. You can wear heated gear for snowmobiling, ice fishing, hunting, working outside, and so on.

Q: What type of heated motorcycle gear do I need?

A: Heated gloves are important because your hands are essential for operating the bike. You should also consider a heated jacket liner, pants liner, vest, and socks.

Q: What is better: plug-in or battery-powered motorcycle gear?

A: They're both good. Plug-in gear is wired to your bike's battery and works while the motorcycle is running. It usually has an adjustable thermostat. You don't have to be on the bike to use the battery-powered gear. Plus, you can wear battery-powered gear for a variety of activities.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best heated motorcycle gear is the Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner - 12V Motorcycle. Gerbing is well known in the industry and has been making heated gear for over 40 years. Its jacket liner is very warm, and you can control the temperature. 

For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Srivb Heated Vest. It has comfort stretch panels in the sides for a custom fit and the entire jacket is also wind- and water-resistant for all-weather riding. 

What heated motorcycle gear do you use? Tell us in the comment section below.