Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet: Make Calls And Play Music On Your Ride

The top Bluetooth motorcycle helmets for music, phone calls and communicating with other riders

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BY Noelle Talmon / LAST UPDATED ON September 14, 2021

A Bluetooth helmet is a great way to listen to music, place a call, or communicate with your riding buddies during a motorcycle outing. Motorcycle helmets with speakers and Bluetooth work using short-range networking technology similar to what's on a cell phone. Check out our Bluetooth motorcycle helmet review to find the best one for your needs.

Best Overall
TORC TB27 Full Face Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth
This Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is 20 percent smaller than similar helmets but offers equal protection. It is well-ventilated thanks to the intake venting and Ventura venting. It features Bluetooth 2.0 technology and allows you to easily make and receive calls.
The one-button release mechanism for the front chin bar makes it easy to open and close. The helmet meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218. When you switch on Bluetooth, you can stream music and even listen to GPS directions.
If you happen to leave it in the sun every now and then, the paint finish will become tacky and sticky. The Bluetooth connectivity only works when you're riding below 30 miles per hour.
Best Overall
TORC TB27 Full Face Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth
Best Value
1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Bluetooth Helmet
This helmet is approved by the U.S. Department of Transport (DOT) and features a glossy UV protective finish. Its advanced dual lens design allows you to open it but still block wind and sunlight with the inner smoked lenses.
The helmet is made with a lightweight aerodynamic thermoplastic shell that allows it to be lighter than other motorcycle helmets on the market. Its inner padding enhances your comfort and can be removed and washed. It provides good visibility.
The Bluetooth headset is not easy to access and you have to pop up the comfort liner to access it. The buttons that hold the liner in place are a bit difficult to use.
Best Value
1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Bluetooth Helmet
Honorable Mention
ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip-up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
This helmet features one-touch control for phone calls. It provides eight hours of talk time, 110 hours of standby, and 1,000 feet of range between two riders using the intercom.
The Bluetooth is easy to use, and the speakers are clear at high speeds. The Bluetooth control is simple to operate with gloves on. It also has an FM radio.
The speakers' bass isn't very loud, and the charging port for the Bluetooth battery may break. The helmet is slightly heavy, and it may fog during hot weather.
Honorable Mention
ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip-up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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Benefits of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

  • Hands-free communication. When you're riding a motorcycle, it's vital to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the bars. The best motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth let you interact with electronic devices while staying focused on the riding experience.
  • Reduced distraction. A Bluetooth-integrated motorcycle helmet makes using a smartphone, GPS navigation system, or other electronic devices safer than trying to manipulate these devices while you’re in traffic.
  • Convenience. Bluetooth technology is easy to use, and it doesn't consume a lot of power. You can listen to your favorite songs, answer phone calls, or converse with riding companions by simply hitting a switch.

Types of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Pre-Installed Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

A motorcycle helmet with communication built-in features Bluetooth hardware that is integrated during the design process. These helmets look and feel good and are great for beginners because they're ready to wear out of the box and don't require any installation. They are also very convenient and effective.

Bluetooth-Compatible Motorcycle Helmet

This option is ideal if you already own a helmet that you like that's very comfortable and you want to add Bluetooth capability to it. Some helmets feature cavities specifically built to incorporate a Bluetooth unit. There are several ways to install a Bluetooth device to an existing helmet. For example, you may need screws or clips to attach the device to the side.

Top Brands 


HJC has exclusively been making motorcycle helmets since 1971. Based in La Habra, California, HJC aims to provide safe, comfortable, stylish and affordable helmets to people around the world. One top product is the HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet.


Cycle Gear, founded in Northern California, is Bilt's parent company and has been distributing motorcycle gear at factory-direct prices since 1974. The company is a member of the AMA, Blue Ribbon Coalition, Motorcycle Industry Council, and ORBA. One recommended product is the Bilt Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth Modular Helmet.


Based in Pasadena, California, TORC is the second largest helmet manufacturer in the world. The company produces a variety of full-face, open-face, half-face, and dirt bike helmets. Its aim is to incorporate modern technology into its products while “staying true to the motorcycle culture.” One top product is the TORC Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth.


The California-based ILM was founded in 2015 and produces a variety of motorcycle parts and accessories such as helmets, clothing, boots, and bags. ILM stands  for "I Love Motor." One recommended product is the ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet.

FreedConn Electronic Co.

Based in ShenZen, China, FreedConn has been manufacturing sports Bluetooth intercom devices since 2006. In addition to motorcycle helmets, the company also gears its products towards car drivers, skiers, and bicyclists. One popular product is the FreedConn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Pricing

  • Under $150: Typically, products in this price range are Bluetooth-compatible but do not include a Bluetooth unit inside the helmet. The units must be purchased separately, which depending on the brand can be costly. The helmets may also have fewer features.
  • $150-$350: There are a variety of motorcycle helmets with built-in Bluetooth speakers at this price point. They offer the convenience of integrated Bluetooth technology for a reasonable price.
  • Over $350: You can pay close to $1,000 for the best motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth built in. These helmets work right out of the box and have superior features, such as a carbon fiber shell and lightweight construction, compared to lower-priced brands that may be bulkier and less comfortable.

Key Features

Bluetooth Range

Bluetooth devices don't generally have a very large range. The receiving or transmitting device typically must be nearby, such as in your pocket, in order for you to establish a connection to listen to music or use an intercom to communicate with other riders in your group. The best Bluetooth system for motorcycle helmets should have a good communication range that allows you to converse with others from a decent distance.

Battery Life

It's important to choose a Bluetooth helmet that doesn't take too long to charge. This is particularly true if you forget to charge it before a trip. The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet will have a talk time of several hours, allowing you to ride long distances without worrying about it cutting out. In addition, it should have a large stand-by time. Some products last as long as 600 hours.

Other Considerations

  • Voice Prompt: If you have a goal of being handsfree for navigation and to communicate with other riders, you need to find the best Bluetooth helmet with voice control. Some helmets require you to set them manually in order to make calls or change settings, which can be inconvenient.
  • Sound Quality: In addition to providing a clean signal for music and communication, your helmet should also have the ability to cancel noise. An ab-enhanced sound system will provide a crisp and clear sound. The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets will also include dual stereo speakers and an anti-noise mic. 
  • Ergonomics: When choosing the best Bluetooth helmet for music or communication, it's important that you can easily access and operate the controls. If the controls are tricky or difficult for you to manage, then that particular helmet is probably not the right one. Instead, choose one with simpler functions.
  • Number of Riders: If you plan on being connected with other riders during a motorcycle trip, make sure your Bluetooth device connects with all the helmets of all the people you are riding with. For example, you may want to connect with two other people, not just one, so make sure the product can accommodate that.
  • Additional Features: Motorcycle helmets with built-in headphones can also feature a range of options such as a camera. If you want to take pictures while you take a journey with your friends, this is a great addition. Some also feature GPS systems that dictate directions into your ears.
  • Style: There are a variety of different helmets on the market: full-face, off-road, modular, open-face, and half helmets. They each serve a different purpose and are appealing for different reasons, and not all can accommodate Bluetooth. A full-face helmet completely covers your face and head and offers the most protection during an impact. It can also be used with Bluetooth devices.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Reviews & Recommendations 2020

Best Overall
TORC TB27 Full Face Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth

Torc is one of the lesser-known helmet brands, but the company creates badass helmets that are packed with great features. The highlight of this motorcycle helmet is its Bluetooth connectivity. The Blinc Bluetooth system features one-tap technology. When you're connected, you can tap the knob on the helmet to quickly answer or reject calls.

This helmet is quite smaller than its counterparts with similar features. However, that is partly what makes it so appealing. It is lighter than most helmets in its category but still fits well. Its shell is made from thermoplastic alloy and is extremely sturdy. The inner lining is made from dual-density EPS and is very comfortable. Three vents promote airflow: one on top, one on the chin, and one in the rear.

But if you love riding your bike in the sun, be careful not to leave the helmet outdoors as its finish will get damaged. It’s also worth noting that the Bluetooth connectivity is greatly affected when you're riding at speeds above 30 miles per hour. This is partly because the helmet produces a lot of wind noise, making the Bluetooth unusable.

Best Value
1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Bluetooth Helmet

This is one of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets you will ever have the opportunity to wear. It strikes a perfect balance between quality and price. It fits just right and is comfortable. Its clear visor is easy to pop down and up when you’re on the move. The glossy UV protective finish protects you from the harmful effects of the sun.

As you ride your motorcycle, you are bound to sweat. 1Storm has included removable padding you can remove and wash after long rides. The full-face bike helmet protects your entire head at all times. If the sun gets too bright for you, you can cover your eyes with the built-in sunglasses. The helmet is also quieter than a half-faced helmet.

However, there are a few features the manufacturer should improve on. The Bluetooth headset extends to the helmet's interior and is not easy to access. You’ll have to readjust the comfort lining in order to access it. You may also have difficulty using the buttons for the comfort liner, especially those that are closest to the chin. The helmet also produces significant wind noise at above 60 miles per hour.

Honorable Mention
ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip-up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet includes two-built in speakers with full stereo sound. It features one-touch control for calling, answering, and rejecting calls. It provides eight hours of talk time and 110 hours of standby. Incoming calls override the intercom, music, and GPS audio. It provides 1,000 feet of range between two riders using the intercom as well as noise suppression technology for high-quality voice at high speeds.

The intercom and Bluetooth unit works well overall, it's user-friendly, and the speakers are clear and the sound is good even at high speeds. The Bluetooth control is easy to use with gloves on, and the battery life is great. It also features an FM radio, which is convenient if you don't have time to pair your device with the Bluetooth unit. In addition, the helmet is comfortable and looks very sleek.

One problem is the battery will enter deep sleep mode if the helmet hasn't been used in a while, and you must charge it for 30 minutes in order to get the Bluetooth to function. In addition, the speakers' bass isn't very loud, and the charging port for the Bluetooth battery may break. Also, the helmet is slightly heavy, and it may fog up when it's hot and you're sitting at a light.

Honorable Mention
TORC T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Nuke Full Face Helmet

TORC designed the Mako model to be sleek-looking like its namesake. It features a Bluetooth-integrated shell, 24 hours of talk time, 600 hours on standby, and an intercom that has a range of 400 meters. It also has a laser-contoured padded liner for comfort that's removable for cleaning and a smooth drop-down visor system. The helmet is ECE- and DOT-certified.

The battery lasts for day-long trips, and the speaker quality is excellent. The instructions are easy to understand, and the helmet is very comfortable. The visor also blocks out the sun yet still provides clean vision on the sides and in front of your bike. Overall, it's a good value for a Bluetooth-integrated helmet.

One downside is the microphone does not work well unless you are stopped and idling. Also, it may be a little tight at first and may take a little time to loosen up.

Honorable Mention
Hawk H-510 Glossy Black Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The Hawk H-510 has Bluetooth 2.0 technology that allows eight hours of talk time and 110 hours of standby. It has two speakers with full-stereo surround sound. There is a one-touch control to answer phone calls, and it comes with a lithium battery and power charger.

The helmet is compatible with iPhones and Android devices and is easy to set up and sync. The Bluetooth works really well and is loud and clear. The lining is removable and washable, and the visor has anti-scratch and anti-fog properties. The face shield is also easy to raise, and overall the helmet is a good value.

However, the helmet tends to run small, so you may need to order a size up. Also, it can be hard to put glasses on while you're wearing this helmet, and your voice may sound muffled when you're on the phone.

Honorable Mention
Sena Cavalry Built In Bluetooth Mens Street DOT Motorcycle Half Helmets

This composite fiberglass half-shell helmet features Bluetooth 4.1 technology with a built-in FM radio, speakers, and mic. It has advanced noise control, wind noise reduction, and 10 hours of talking time. This helmet is DOT-approved, has a low-profile removable visor, and functions up to 1/2 mile on the open road.

The sound of the Bluetooth is very good considering it's a half helmet. Also, it's very aerodynamic and features a wide volume control, which maximizes its functionality. It also comes in a variety of sizes, from X-small to XX-large. 

However, the helmet isn't without some issues. One problem is the ear cups can fall off rather easily. Also, it offers considerably less protection than a full-face helmet.

Honorable Mention
TORC T15B Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The TORC T-15 Bluetooth helmet provides 24 hours of talk time and 600 hours on standby. It features a dual stereo speaker, a built-in anti-noise microphone, a call reject function, and an intercom range of 400 meters. Its spoiler prevents wind buffeting, the shield is scratch-resistant, and the liner is removable and washable.

The helmet fits nicely, even if you have a large head. It's very comfortable, and all functions work well. Also, it’s easy to set up the Bluetooth, and the sound quality is excellent. Overall, this helmet is great for long road trips when you just want to enjoy the ride while listening to your favorite tunes.

One drawback is the Bluetooth charging port can be a bit tricky to locate because it's at the back side of the helmet under the padding. Consumers have also complained that once you break the helmet in, it starts to feel a little loose on your head.

Honorable Mention
Origine O528B Pilota 3/4 Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth

This DOT-certified Origine Pilota helmet comes with BLINC Bluetooth and built-in speakers in the ear pockets. You simply sync it with your smartphone or other device and listen to music or take phone calls. It is lightweight with an advanced ABS shell and carbon fiber inserts. 

The flip-up shield provides good eye protection, and it has good ventilation. Also, the liner is removable and washable. The Bluetooth is crystal clear, the Blinc hardware is very easy to use, and it holds a charge for a good amount of time. The helmet fits well and is very comfortable. Also, it has a unique and classic style, looks cool, and is reasonably-priced.

However, you may have a little wind noise since it's not a full-face helmet. Also, the Bluetooth charging port is hidden at the back of the inside of the helmet in an awkward position.


  • Above all, the most important feature on a motorcycle helmet is safety. Make sure it fits securely and properly on your head and is manufactured to meet international standards.
  • Choose a helmet that is durable enough to keep the rain out. Since it has an electronic device on it, you want to make sure the helmet is waterproof and will not leak.
  • Even the best Bluetooth for motorcycle riding will lose clarity if you ride over 70 mph. Keep that in mind if you want to use Bluetooth but tend to ride fast.
  • Since Bluetooth technology relies on a line of sight, it may be challenging to sustain communication with other riders over long distances using either two-way or multi-line communication.
  • Make sure to measure the circumference of your head to make sure the helmet fits properly. Even the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet won't work as well if it wobbles on your head or is so tight that it's uncomfortable.
  • Helmet manufacturers recommend replacing the product every three to five years. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation and other various organizations all agree with this practice. So if you purchase a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet now, you'll need to get a new one in a few years.
  • Separate Bluetooth headsets tend to have a longer range and longer battery life than helmets with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Keep this in mind if you're thinking of swapping your headset for a Bluetooth-enabled helmet so you won’t be disappointed by the different functionality.
  • While Bluetooth-enabled intercoms can be paired with other riders, be aware that some helmets require the same brand and model for the intercom system to work properly.


Q: Do Bluetooth motorcycle helmets interfere with other devices?

A: In order for the Bluetooth to work properly, you need to specifically pair it with another device. As a result, it won't suddenly start working on a passing vehicle's Bluetooth earpiece.

Q: Can you use Bluetooth with a half helmet? 

A: With a half helmet, your face is exposed to the wind and other elements. As a result, it will be really difficult to hear anything from the Bluetooth speakers. Full-face helmets block outside noise, allowing you to listen to music, follow GPS directions, or communicate with other riders.

Q: How many devices can I connect to a Bluetooth helmet at once? 

A: It depends on the helmet. The majority of devices allow you to pair up with up to three other riders for an intercom experience. Still, some allow you to connect with as many as seven other riders.

Q: Can you fix the Bluetooth unit in a helmet if it breaks?

A: If the Bluetooth unit is assembled inside the helmet, it likely cannot be repaired. Some brands may offer replacement parts, such as batteries, but you may need to buy a new helmet if the unit stops functioning properly.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is the TORC TB27 Full Face Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth. It's well-ventilated and comes packed with features.

For a less expensive option, consider the 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Bluetooth Helmet.