You’ll Never Believe This 964 Carrera RS Isn’t Real

The car in this video is 100% computer generated, and the detailing is perfect.

byBradley Brownell| UPDATED Jan 5, 2017 8:51 PM
You’ll Never Believe This 964 Carrera RS Isn’t Real

Recently the film 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' (and Furious 7 before that) proved that we have not yet been able to cross the uncanny valley to properly create human features without it looking a little weird. Digital artists and 3D renders have gotten close, but not quite to the finish line. Inanimate objects, however, can be crafted completely from digital inputs to the point that unless you were told otherwise, would never believe it was anything but a photograph or video of the real thing. Or, at least some artists have made that possible. This video short from Djordje Ilic has proven that. The work here is fantastic, and the detailing is millimeter perfect from the individual wheel bolts on the Speedline 3-piece wheels to the stitching on the steering wheel leather. The textures are excellent, the surface reflections are amazing, and the digital output here is beautiful to look at. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the artist chose to replicate an already visually interesting 964 Carrera RS to replicate.

The thing about this short isn't that the car is perfect, it's actually perfectly flawed. The digital art piece here shows a car as it would actually appear in real life. Yes, the paint is good, but there are some swirls here and there. There are little paint chips on the calipers from heat and road debris. On the inside of the car things are a little more perfect, I suspect a car with any kind of use would see a bit more wear on the seats, and particularly the gear knob. That said, the interior surfaces are rendered wonderfully, with perfect puckering on the leather at the corners of the seat headrest, and texture that looks beyond real. The most surprising part is perhaps the hood emblem. Every little detail is great.


Below the initial video, we've also included his "The Making Of" video that is equally awe-inspiring. Take a few minutes to watch them both