Porsche Finds More Beautiful Roads In Australia

“Watch out for wombats” in the Berowra Valley

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche Finds More Beautiful Roads In Australia

In their continuing quest to find the best driving roads in the world, Porsche has again teamed up with travel blogger Courtney Scott and headed down under. If you want to head into the crazy wide wilderness of Australia, it's not a bad idea to have a Porsche Macan GTS on hand. Not only will it be able to handle the roads and the elevation changes easily, and the ride height is enough that it wouldn't have a problem if the roads got a little rough (a local commented on the video that it was a sin to waste these roads on a Macan, so perhaps a Carrera would be the better choice?). Head straight to Sydney and set your navigation northward to enjoy the sights and roads ahead. 

The Berowra Valley is full of beautiful sights and plenty of places to stop and make some memories. You can see the various aquatic byways of the Brisbane Water National Park. There's a grouping of Aboriginal rock engraving sites, even. Continue through the mountain roads until you arrive at Wisemans Ferry, which is the oldest ferry crossing in Australia. Just based on the shots in this video, you'd be surrounded by breathtaking vistas and excellent mountain driving. 

After videos documenting roads in Sweden, South Africa, and Vietnam, this Australian route fits right in with the rest. In typical Porsche fashion, it combines attractive visuals with dynamic and engaging driving experiences that you aren't soon to forget. If you have the means to get a Porsche (or any sports car for that matter) over to Australia's New South Wales Eastern coast, you will have a heck of a good time following this route. Check out the GTS Community app to find great driving roads near you, wherever you live.