Porsche’s 718 Cayman Takes On Audi’s TT RS and BMW’s M2

This mega test of small fast Germans includes dyno runs, sprints to 100 MPH, a track battle, and a drift competition.

Recently, the good folks over at Drivetribe put together a mega competition to compare the three best small German sports cars on the market at the moment. Of course, those three cars are Porsche’s 718 Cayman S, Audi’s TT RS, and BMW’s M2. Before the tests even begin, we already know a few things. The Audi is the most powerful and by virtue of that (and it’s AWD launches) also the quickest accelerating. The Porsche will provide the best balance, being the only mid-engine car of the bunch. The BMW will be the most sideways bonkers craziness of the three, but will struggle for traction and won’t be particularly exceptional at any one test. When you’ve got this excellent trio at Anglesey, however, you test their mettle to the max. 

The first test is a simple run on the dynamometer. Audi built the most powerful engine in this trio with a staggering 416 horses to the wheels (plus 348 lb-ft of torque). The BMW scored second best with 365 horses and the highest torque number at 351 lb-ft. The Porsche, least on both measures with 351 horsepower and 316 lb-ft of torque. Data gathering isn’t particularly exciting, but you can hear the cars run through their rev range. Which engine sounds best; 4 cylinders, 5 cylinders, or 6 cylinders? 

Another simple test done here is the standing sprint up to 130 miles per hour. It’s not difficult to guess that the Audi won on all counts. Interestingly, the BMW and the Porsche had the same exact 0-30 and 0-60 times, but from there the Porsche’s more sleek shape started to work to it’s advantage, giving it a clear second place. 

This test, an attempt at an all-time fast lap for each car on the Anglesey circuit, was similarly predictable. The Cayman S was head and shoulders above the other two, even down on power as it was. A balanced chassis and lighter weight can make a huge difference on a track like this one. The Audi and the BMW were near as makes no difference to each other over the course of a lap, but you’ll have to watch to see how great a gap the Porsche managed to the other two. 

Jethro has some pretty disparaging things to say about the 718 Cayman’s engine in the conclusion to this test, and to be frank, he isn’t wrong. Is that enough to hand the title of the test over to the Audi? Check it out.