Polizei Report 003: Make Rallies GR8 Again, Tesla Summon “Accident” JUST As I Thought, Morgan Mugging Update, Taking on Uber/Lyft in D.C.

Make Rallies Great Again. Or Not.

When I said "Make Rallies Great Again" I didn't mean go out and put Donald Trump's likeness on your Aventador and get pulled over by The White House. But that's exactly what happened to my good friends on the GoldRush Rally. How amateur. Hilarious, but amateur. (Photo Credit: Jason Thorgalson)


Tesla Summon Accident Probably Driver's Fault 

Remember that guy who staged his Toyota Prius crash? The one who claimed his brakes had failed and then called 911 while his car went 100+mph down some Cali Interstate? Post-incident analysis showed that he'd barely touched the brake pedal at all.

I'm not saying that's what happened with the Tesla Model S "Summon" accident, but it sure smelled fishy from the start. I'm not saying Teslas can't fail. ANYTHING can fail. But I've used the Summon feature, and let me tell you, I smelled something weird here from the start. Read Tesla's official response for yourself. My opinion? This guy staged it, or he's a idiot. Or both. So maybe I AM saying it. (Roadshow)

Remember That Mugging I Stopped With My Morgan 3-Wheeler?

I'm going to need shoulder surgery. So it's stop driving, or make like Napoleon. (The Drive)

Taking On Uber & Lyft in D.C. and ONLY in D.C.

Hahahhahahahaahahahahahhahahah. (The Washington Post)

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