This Isn’t a Disney Character—It’s One of the Most Interesting Cars in NYC

The Mitsubishi Pajero, or Montero as it was sold in America, is not a particularly common car to see. The Pajero Jr., a smaller version that was never officially imported, is extremely uncommon. The “Flying Pug,” this bizarre factory-made retro variant, is among the rarest cars on the road. Allegedly only 139 were sold, and here’s the story of the (probably) only person in America to be driving one.

Didi Mulyadi came to NYC by way of Singapore, and before that, Indonesia. He cites his parents as enablers of his interest in cars, and talks about driving bigger vehicles himself until moving to Manhattan where parking space is precious.

In this video, he talks about his appreciation for road trips, the diversity and welcoming nature of the car scene, and how happy he was to meet young people who are into old cars.

“Older cars help us interact more with others,” Mulyadi says. I agree, of course. Classics can be a great catalyst for making friends, whether it’s a conversation starter at a gas station or just the excuse you need to take a back road to your destination.

There are some great shots of this Pug posted up at a car meet. If you’re in or around NYC, I bet you’ll see this thing if you go to enough car shows.

You’ve certainly got to be open to chatting if you’re going to drive around in a car that looks like it came out of the Mary Poppins universe. The Flying Pug might not pack much cargo space or horsepower, but it’s got more whimsy per square centimeter than any other vehicle I’ve ever seen.

“Everyone always says, ‘That car is you, it matches your personality so well,'” Mulyadi adds. He sounds like somebody I’d like to hang out with.

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