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The Woman Who Accused Christian Horner Was Just Suspended by Red Bull F1

Red Bull refuses to comment on the matter, calling it strictly internal.

It seems not a day’s gone by over the last week without more fuel being doused onto the dumpster fire that is the just-begun 2024 Formula 1 season. And hot on the heels of the Verstappen family saying its piece about the ongoing Christian Horner saga is news that the Red Bull F1 team has now suspended the employee that reported the boss’ alleged inappropriate and controlling behavior toward her.

Just like before, neither the team nor its parent company shared any details of the suspension, simply calling it an internal matter. “The company cannot comment,” a Red Bull spokesperson said on Thursday.

BBC Sport, however, claims that the reason for the female Red Bull employee’s suspension was that she had been dishonest during the investigation. This has not been confirmed. Sky Sports F1 did not make such a claim, though it added that the employee was suspended on full pay.

Horner, the team, or their representatives may make a statement as the racing weekend ramps up, but given how tight they’ve kept things up until now, that seems fairly unlikely.

As has been the case lately, it’s possible that another shocking development is already brewing and it will hit the wire as soon as this story is published. On-track action is beginning in Saudi Arabia at the time of writing, and considering last Saturday’s snoozer in Bahrain, you can be sure none of this weekend’s burning storylines have anything to do with racing.

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