Show Us a Picture of Your First Car

Pictures say a thousand words, and this one’s gotta say them about your first ride.

byAdam Ismail|
QOTD photo


First cars—they always hold a special place in our hearts. Mine was a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 I inherited from my brother. I started driving it about 12 years after it was purchased new. It had the 5.2 Magnum V8 with four-wheel drive, and it was a single cab, per the style at the time. I didn't like it when I was a teenager because I did not grow up a truck boy, but I miss it today. And now I'll put it to you: Share a picture with the class of your first car.

If you couldn't tell by the general clarity of that image, the pose and tilt, and the fact that the dang truck is spotless, what you see up there is a '90s Chrysler press shot, not a photo of my actual Ram. Visually, I'd say the only difference between that truck and mine is that mine had matte silver five-spokes rather than chrome wheels, side steps, and fog lights. I know photos of the pickup exist, but they're buried in a drawer somewhere in my parents' house. Oh, the pain of pre-digital media.

Anyone in my life who had an opportunity to stop this haircut and didn't owes me one. Adam Ismail

But don't be like me if you can avoid it! Today we're sharing pictures of our own first cars. If you don't have one on hand, then sure, find a car on Google Images that's pretty close in appearance and trim. You can also upload a picture of your second ride if you have to. That's mine up there: a blue 2012 Ford Focus (unfortunately, yeah, it had the PowerShift). I don't know which part of the brain is responsible for the feeling of embarrassment, but that part of mine was absolutely screaming in objection as I dragged this jpeg off Facebook and onto my desktop. Alas, here we are. And this one does have me in it, which is immediately apparent to anyone who knows me because I'm wearing a Wipeout t-shirt I made myself. Is it any wonder I don't miss high school?

Anyway, enough about the worst haircut anyone's ever had. Now it's your turn. Pictures say a thousand words, and this one's gotta say them about your first ride.

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