New Tesla Model 3 and Y Factory Wraps Aren’t Actually Overpriced

Turns out, $8,000 for a wrap is pretty reasonable.

Earlier this week, Tesla started selling in-house wraps for the Model 3 and Model Y. A paint-protecting clear wrap costs $5,000, while Tesla is charging $7,500 for a monochrome-colored wrap (i.e. Satin Ceramic White, Satin Stealth Black, or Slip Gray) and $8,000 if you’d like an actual color (Crimson Red, Glacier Blue, Forest Green, or Satin Rose Gold). The news was met with a bit of sticker shock—it certainly was in The Drive‘s newsroom—but, as it turns out, Tesla’s wrap pricing actually isn’t unreasonable at all.

Per Electrek, Tesla is using paint protection film (PPF) rather than vinyl which is thicker, supposed to last years longer, and, for those reasons, quite a bit more expensive. To get an idea of how Tesla’s pricing compares with what you’d pay elsewhere, I got in touch with two independent wrap shops in California—Sticker City in Sherman Oaks and Exotic Car Wraps in Los Angeles—to get quotes for full-car PPF wraps. And the prices were pretty much in line with what Tesla is commanding.

Sticker City doesn’t actually do color wraps anymore but when it did, $5,000 was the price quoted to us for a basic-colored vinyl. Chrome, satin, or any sort of special color apparently ran anywhere from $8,000 to $9,000. Clear PPF, by the way, cost $6,400—$1,400 more than what Tesla is charging. Exotic Car Wraps, meanwhile, quoted “$5,500 to $6,500” for a clear PPF. When I told the rep what Tesla is asking for color film, he said they basically charge the same thing.

For now, two Tesla service centers in West Covina and Carlsbad are providing Tesla-approved wraps, but more are expected to join if the demand is there. Being able to get your Tesla wrapped without having to go to a third-party independent shop is quite convenient if you planned on having it wrapped anyway; just don’t think you’re getting a deal by doing so. On the brighter side, you aren’t exactly getting taken for a ride, either.

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