Maybe Don’t Lane Split Going 170 MPH

Gixxer brah averaged 140 mph from Colorado Springs to Denver.
Gixxer brah

I can’t stress enough how bad of an idea it is to go lane splitting on a bike at 170 mph through dense highway traffic. However, that’s exactly what YouTuber Gixxer brah did in a recent video, as he attempted to get from Colorado Springs to Denver in a record time.

Let’s forget the fact that lane splitting is illegal in Colorado, as the “brah” wasn’t considering any local laws during this run. Had Gixxer brah been busted by police, lane splitting would have been the least of his legal worries. The real problem was doing it at almost 200 mph.

At 170 mph, you’re traveling 249 feet-per-second, which means you cross an entire NFL football field in just over a second. That just doesn’t give anyone enough time to react to any sudden movements from any other cars. So if one of the countless cars he passed tried changing lanes or simply slid over in their own lane unexpectedly, the Gixxer brah would have met a very quick end.

Lane splitting requires trust that other drivers aren’t going to do anything foolish or make any mistakes. If you’re doing it at a reasonable speed, most drivers will see you coming in their mirrors and give you a wider gap, while also taking caution as you go buy. Especially in a state where it’s legal, as drivers are used to that mutual trust. But when you’re doing race track speeds, drivers won’t notice you until you’ve already passed. So there’s no guarantee cars won’t try changing lanes on you accidentally.

Did Gixxer brah’s high-speed shenanigans pay off? For his YouTube channel, absolutely. Not only did he get from Colorado Springs to Denver in just under 21 minutes—which is an absolutely absurd time, considering Google Maps says it’s an hour drive—but his video has over 320,000 views in just five days. He averaged 140 mph, which is the sort of average speed you see in Formula 1, not on public roads.

Gixxer brah

Gixxer brah’s channel has 233,000 subscribers and he gained his large following through exciting motorcycle videos such as this one. However, many of the videos feature illegal and often dangerous driving. I hate to sound like an old man who’s too square to realize how impressive the driving is in this video but please do not lane split at these sorts of speeds.

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