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Guenther Steiner Is Suing Haas F1 for Allegedly Not Paying Him

Haas continues to use Steiner’s face and name, even after his contract was terminated.

byNico DeMattia|
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Guenther Steiner, the most meme-worthy Formula 1 team principal, was let go by Haas F1 at the end of last season. Despite being among the most famous F1 team bosses, Haas decided not to renew his contract for the 2024 season. However, Steiner is now suing his former team, not for being fired but because Haas allegedly hasn't paid him.

According to Motorsport, Mecklenburg, North Carolina county court documents claim that Haas has refused to pay what he's owed, per his contract. "Haas F1 chose not to renew Mr. Steiner's Employment Agreement. This was its right. But Haas F1 has done what it has no right to do and refused to pay Mr. Steiner [amount redacted] owed under his Employment Agreement."

The exact dollar amount that Steiner claims to be owed is redacted in the documents. However, Steiner isn't just after the money left from his contract. He also claims that Haas is still using his likeness—both his face and his name—on merchandise, in advertising, and on Haas' website. Since he was team principal last year, Steiner is also featured heavily in the latest season of Netflix's Drive to Survive and is a fan-favorite for his funny quotes and personality.


"Haas F1 was frequently featured in the series, and Mr. Steiner's presence in the show drove more and more fans to Haas F1,” said the court documents.

Using Steiner's likeness, and TV popularity, wouldn't be a problem if he were still employed by Haas F1. But since his contract was terminated at the end of last season, Steiner is looking for compensation for the use of his name and image. After three seasons of being Haas F1 team principal, and becoming famous on Drive to Survive, Steiner is one of the sport's more recognizable figures. On one hand, he's frequently flipping his lid on the show but, on the other, he says some genuinely, accidentally funny stuff. Love him or hate him, his likeness has brought attention to the Haas team.

Steiner will be attending the 2024 Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, serving as an ambassador. So it's clear his name still carries weight in the sport, even after leaving Haas.

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