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Finally, a Sweet Casket I Can Drive

Do you wish every day was Halloween? Here’s your ride.

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We live in an era where cars can accelerate ridiculously fast, reach outrageous top speeds, and even jump in the air. But what we're lacking nowadays is the kind of creative builds we used to see decades ago. Y'know, the wild Kustom stuff from a Rat Fink poster. We're too busy talking about the newest EV or beefiest pickup truck to hit the market, while we could be talking about this sweet casket on wheels that's surely to outshine the Porsche owner with the oh-so-expensive PTS color at your local car meet.

Currently going under the hammer at Bring a Trailer, this "dragster-style custom casket" is the kind of ride 10-year-old you would've loved to have (probably only on Halloween night, but still). Just imagine how popular you would've been had you been able to cruise around the hood yelling, "Trick or treat!" in this bad boy.

According to the description, building this thing was an entire project—and an expensive one, too. It's worth noting that funky builds like this are typically half-baked just for the Wow Factor, but it appears that this one has been meticulously developed and executed.

The eight-foot-long fiberglass casket is attached to a custom box-frame chassis, which extends several more feet to support the front wheels and transverse leaf spring suspension. The Ford rear end has its axle shoved across the casket and under the driver's knees, but at least it's painted in the car's spooky motif. Comfortable? No. Conversation starter? You betcha.

Driving this deathly contraption is a Chevrolet small-block V8 of unknown performance specs. It breathes through a Holley four-barrel carburetor and Edelbrock intake manifold. It's paired with a three-speed GM TH350 automatic transmission, and it slows down courtesy of Wilwood rotors up front and drums in the back. Keeping you on the road, hopefully, are 15-inch wheels all around, though the fronts are wrapped in 165-width Widetrack Radial tires while the massive rears sport 32.0/13.5 Hoosier slicks.

As you may have guessed, this creation is inspired by something out of Hollywood. Specifically, the Drag-U-La coffin car shown on the TV series The Munsters back in 1965. This isn't a replica per se, but the original builder got their main idea from the show. Whether you want feel like you're a TV star (a creepy one, at that) or just have the silliest car on the block, you'll have to part ways with at least $11,500. However, the auction still has four days left, so that price could increase quite a bit.

Oh yeah, and here's what it looks like in action.

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