The Famously Weird Lane Motor Museum Is Selling 10 of Its Wacky Cars

Fancy a French car carrier? How about a '90s Indy car, or a midcentury Italian minivan?
Various historic European cars from the Lane Motor Museum collection, all for sale
Lane Motor Museum

The Lane Motor Museum, known for its immense and eclectic car collection, has announced it’s selling off some of its cars. Don’t fret, this isn’t some ugly liquidation like the Winston Cup Museum—they’re just making space for future exhibits.

The museum announced the sale on its website, stating it had run up against “storage limits” and needed to clear some space. It says the cars on offer probably weren’t going to be displayed, or that better examples have since been acquired, making them redundant. In either case, they’re going to new homes so the museum can bring in better stuff. The full list can be found below.

1969 Mercedes-Benz 280S at the Lane Motor Museum
1969 Mercedes-Benz 280S at the Lane Motor Museum. Lane Motor Museum

The Lane Motor Museum says the vehicles run the gamut from race car to commercial truck, and that their conditions vary greatly. They’re all European vehicles, and as you’d expect from the Lane, all oddities that your run-of-the-mill enthusiast might not recognize. Yes, the Lane is kind of the hipster car museum, and yes, my Portland-dwelling ass wants to go.

To me, the highlights here are the Citroën Tissier car carrier and the Dallara Indy racer. You can’t find a slower, more complex, or more interesting race car hauler anywhere, and the Dallara has the potential to be about the fastest track car money can buy. Boss GP weekends await you if you buy the two—though maybe it’s best to cut your teeth on the little Monoposto before you pretend you’re Hélio Castroneves.

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