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California Off-Roaders Tie Five Trucks Together for One Muddy Recovery

A good ol' truck train is the perfect way to get unstuck from the mud.

Off-roading is a pastime best enjoyed with friends. It’s not about the sparkling conversation; it’s that it’s mighty handy to have someone to pull your rig out when you get stuck. A motley crew of wheelers demonstrated that in California last week, with a big group effort dragging multiple trucks out of thick muck.

As shared on Instagram by Dirtnation_offroad, the video shows us a train of trucks mired in thick mud. The action took place at the San Gabriel Canyon OHV Area, just north of the city of Azusa. It’s a popular spot for mud play, with owners of jacked-up off-roaders often tearing up the area with abandon. It’s easy to get stuck, but that’s half the fun.

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Some off-road recoveries require finesse and a deft touch on the wheel. This is not one of those. Instead, horsepower and traction win the day, as we see the valiant trucks pulling each other out one after the other in a train. Up front, a late-70s Ford truck tugs a bullnose Ford behind it, followed by an early full-sized Jeep. Behind that is a pair of squarebody Chevys, with one stuck facing the wrong way.

Having all the trucks tied together in one long train actually makes a lot of sense in this situation. Due to the thick mud, it would be easy for an individual tow vehicle to get stuck as it pulls out another. Tying them all together allows the group as a whole to maintain momentum even if one truck along the line is helplessly spinning its wheels.

Beyond that, it’s also a whole lot of fun. There’s something very human about wanting to get stuck just so you and your crew can figure out how to get out again. We can’t necessarily explain it, but we can certainly understand it. Here’s to the mudders; just be sure to wipe off your shoes before you come inside.

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