An Adorable Suzuki Jimny EV Off-Roader Is Coming in 2024

In Europe, four other Suzuki EVs will be out by 2030.

Suzuki’s car operations may have long closed up shop here in the U.S.—officially, anyway—but it looks like it’s still going quite strong overseas. Case in point: An electric version of its Jimny mini off-roader is coming fairly soon.

In a presentation earlier this week, Suzuki revealed plans to introduce five EVs in Europe between 2024 and 2030. The slide depicted silhouettes of five different vehicles, one of which was unmistakably the boxy Jimny.

Per CarExpert, the first four of these—the “micro car, small car, light SUV, and light off-roader”—are slated to drop in Europe quite early in the 2024 fiscal year. If it wasn’t already clear, the Jimny happens to be the “light off-roader” part of that equation.

In its home country of Japan, Suzuki’s EV plans are different. There, the automaker has six EVs lined up to take them through the end of the decade, but the Jimny doesn’t appear to be one of them. Instead, a couple of Kei cars appear to take its spot.

As a more concrete show of Suzuki’s commitment to electrification, it unveiled the eVX concept, an electric SUV that previews an eventual production model scheduled to release by 2025. The company has set a target to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe and Japan by 2050.

Out of all the pieces of foreign automotive forbidden fruit that’s out there today, the Suzuki Jimny is definitely one of the most interesting. An ultra-compact, ultra-affordable off-roader with genuine mud chops. What’s not to like? With the existence of the electric model and the implication that the Jimny will be here to stay well into the future, it looks like U.S. small-off-roader enthusiasts will have a while longer to stay jealous.

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