Car Thief “Addicted to Fast Cars” Sentenced to Four Years in Jail

The man stole cars to suppress his addiction, reports say.

byAaron Brown|
Car Thief “Addicted to Fast Cars” Sentenced to Four Years in Jail

A thief who stole cars and burgled houses was sentenced to four years in jail after leading police on a high-speed chase with a stolen BMW, according to The Irish Times.

Jamie Marshall, 38, committed two counts of recklessly endangering the public on August 31 last year when he initiated the chase, according to the report. The convict, who is in the midst of 10-year driving suspension, holds 63 previous convictions for drug possession and driving illegally, among other charges. 

According to The Irish Times, the chase took place after Marshall stole from four different houses. During the chase, the criminal took Irish Garda police up to speeds of more than 62 miles per hour through a city leaving pedestrians in harm's way.

"[I'm] addicted to fast cars... Fast cars are my heroin," Marshall said to police, according to the report.

Unfortunately for Marshall, there aren't many fast cars in jail.