Tesla Reintroduces Automatic Emergency Braking To Model S, Model X

After a poor rating from Consumer Reports, the automaker revives the technology.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Tesla Reintroduces Automatic Emergency Braking To Model S, Model X


Once touted as the safest car on the road, the Tesla Model S recently received critical reviews from Consumer Reports, which lowered the sedan's overall safety rating, as well as the rating in the Model X SUV. Tesla took heat over the new ratings, and the automaker has reintroduced autonomous braking functionality to gain it back. right now, the equipment is only active at 28 miles per hour or slower.

Consumer Reports says they will test the Model S and Model X again after a "vast majority" of Tesla owners have received the Autopilot update re-equipping the cars with emergency braking. After that, CR says it will revisiting the cars when Tesla increases the speed limit for the technology—an effort that Tesla hopes will raise their scoring in the field. All the Model S needs is a slight bump to reclaim its spot at the top of the rankings, so it's logical to expect that Tesla will promptly address the situation.

With high-class competition like the BMW 7-Series and Lexus LS, the Model S will need every advantage it can get. It currently ranks third among the three in safety, though that standing is expected to go up soon.

Luckily for Tesla, the over-the-air style updates allow for quick changes to cars that are already on the road. This nifty fix should put them in a good spot for future safety tech as well, allowing them to revamp Autopilot software depending on current available versions.