Robert Mueller To Manage Takata Airbag Settlement Funds

The former FBI Director also recently acted as Settlement Master in several Volkswagen emissions suits.

On Thursday, Federal Judge George Caram Steeh, who presides over the Takata airbag case, announced that he would be appointing former FBI Director Robert Mueller to oversee the dispersal of nearly $1 billon in restitution. The money comes from two separate, court ordered funds to be paid for by Takata to settle claims related to their faulty airbags.  

According to court documents, the restitution payments total $975 million. Of that, $125 million will go to victims injured, or who will be injured, by the defective airbags. $850 million will go to auto manufactures as compensation for monies lost due to replacing the faulty devices. The filing also states that a Settlement Master will be appointed; a job that has gone to Mueller. He will be responsible for arbitrating fair compensation for all claimants. 

According to the New York Times, some settlement details are yet to be worked out. Takata representatives and Mueller will to come to an agreement as to who is eligible for restitution and what documentation they need to provide. The two parties would also be responsible for creating the process for victims to file claims. There have been 16 confirmed deaths and over 100 reported injuries linked to the airbags. This led to the largest safety recall in history, with vehicles still being added to the list of those affected. 

Mr, Mueller has held the title of Settlement Master before. He was appointed to oversee the payment of claims filed against Volkswagen AG in the Dieselgate scandal. In that capacity, Mueller oversaw $14.7 billion to pay claims related to emissions cheating.