Is This Coronet Super Bee Wagon The Grocery Getter Of Your Dreams?

For just under $40K, will you still have enough money left to buy groceries?

If you are sick of loosing your car in the grocery store parking lot? Do you have an unhealthy obsession with vintage wagons? This might be the car for you. Meet the 1970 Coronet Super Bee Wagon. 

Yes, Dodge never made a Super Bee wagon, but maybe they should have. I’m not even sure what to call this. It’s not quite a “resto-mod”. Maybe this could be called a “retro resto-mod tribute concept”? Who cares, just look at that Go Mango orange wagon! A couple of mad geniuses pieced this beauty together. They started with a 1970 Coronet wagon. The basics are pretty simple. They swapped in a 440 six pack V8 (that should put out around 375hp), did some body work, and added the Super Bee graphics and badges. 

But the devil is in the details. The hood, with it’s air intakes on each side, looks like it’s off a 1969 Coronet Super Bee. The interior is clean, with a cluster of gauges added to remind you that with great 440 power comes great responsibility. The engine looks immaculate and is painted bold Go Mango to match the car. The black graphics and chrome accents really make the already aggressively styled Coronet look the part. The hood pins look cool, though probably completely unnecessary. You won’t ever loose this beast in a parking lot. You’ll be able to see that giant, orange rear end sticking out from a mile away. With that six pack carburetor set-up, you’ll be able to smell the gasoline from that far out, too. 

So, is this your dream grocery getter? The seller is asking $39,900, which is a little less than he was asking when the car was on History Channel’s Car Hunters a while back. You could buy a 1970 Coronet wagon, the 440 engine, all other bits and badges, and build it yourself for less. Project cars are always fun, right? Or save yourself the trouble and the bloody knuckles by grabbing up this one, which appears to be good to go. 

The Craigslist ad reads as follows:

For sale is my 1970 Dodge Super Bee wagon. Of course, Dodge never made a Wagon version of this car, so this is a custom build that started life as a low mile, very solid Coronet wagon. It was then given everything a real Super Bee should have, including a 440 V8 sourced from a Barracuda. This is a very high quality build that shows great in person and draws tons of attention. It is truly one of a kind.

This Super Bee was featured on History Channel’s Car Hunters in 2016. It was season 1, Episode 10. I encourage you to go to History Channel’s website or download their app to see some great video and further explanation of this car.