BMW CEO Harald Krueger Will Join German Chancellor Merkel in Trump Meeting

The meeting is expected to be centered around trade between the United States and Germany.

German Chancellor Merkel visits China
Rainer Jensen—Rainer Jensen/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

BMW CEO Harald Krueger will be joining Chancellor Angela Merkel and two other German CEOs in a meeting with President Donald Trump Friday to likely voice about how Trump wants foreign countries conducting business in America going forward, Reuters reports.

Krueger and leaders from Siemens and Schaeffler will attempt to explain how Trump's planned policies could affect their companies and the American jobs that they have created. 

BMW's South Carolina facility, its largest factory in the world, worked in 2016 to scale its annual production up so that it could produce 450,000 cars a year, 70 percent of which are designated for export, Auto News reports. In 2015, the facility pumped out 400,904 cars.

Trump has said he intends on creating a border tax of 35 percent on cars imported to America from Mexico, which would be costly for BMW, a company that's intending on investing $2.2 billion in Mexico by 2019. 

The meeting with Trump is expected to last less than an hour. The event was originally planned for Tuesday but was moved because of the winter storm that moved across the Northeast.