Mercedes-AMG May Be Bringing a 600+ HP GT Sedan to Geneva Next Month

It’s been a long time coming, but Mercedes-Benz may finally be on the verge of getting that AMG sedan it’s wanted for a while.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
Mercedes-AMG May Be Bringing a 600+ HP GT Sedan to Geneva Next Month

If your first thought when you look at the likes of the new Mercedes-AMG E63 is, "Gee, I love an AMG four-door—I just wish it looked a little cooler," Mercedes-Benz may have a surprise coming that's right up your alley. The carmaker is reportedly set to unveil an AMG-specific sport sedan at the Geneva Motor Show next month. 

According to Autocar, the fleet-footed four-door will be dubbed the Mercedes-AMG GT4. The vehicle that'll purportedly be revealed in Switzerland will supposedly be a concept, but one that closely previews a production car reportedly hitting the streets next year. It'll be an AMG-specific product, packing the brand's 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 and reportedly swoop in as a replacement for the CLS63 Shooting Brake we Americans have been lusting for from afar for years. 

New AMG sport sedan will use the best of the brand's performance tech

While the GT4 will reportedly bear a facial resemblance to the GT sports car, Autocar says it will be based on its own bespoke platform—a modified version of the same common skeleton that serves everything from the C-Class to the S-Class. The platform will reportedly be extensively modified for AMG GT4 duty, complete with a wider track, greater use of lightweight materials, and wheelbase measurements different from the C, E, or S sedans.  

The AMG-tuned 4Matic+ system that debuted in the E63 S will reportedly also be included, along with its anxiously-awaited Drift Mode. And the 4.0-liter V8—which will reportedly be tuned up past the 603-horsepower output of the E63 S—will not purportedly be paired with a 48-volt electrical system, but may even be supplemented by a tiny electrical motor in the gearbox, which could provide a bit of extra off-the-line power and enable the stop-start system to operate more quickly.

Mercedes-Benz has been playing around with the idea of an AMG-specific sedan for a while. Back in 2012, the carmaker filed a patent for a rather bizarre-looking four-door SLS AMG, packing two gullwing doors up front and a pair of small suicide doors behind them. That idea, thankfully, never made it past the drawing board.