10 Things You Need to Know This Morning: February 13, 2017

Ford is flexing financial muscle to attract robotics engineers, Subaru got its autonomous vehicle testing permit in California, an Uber drive that couldn’t make his car payments committed suicide, and other weekend news.

byLiane Yvkoff|
10 Things You Need to Know This Morning: February 13, 2017


The 2017 Chicago Auto Show opened its doors to the public this weekend and highlighted 20 vehicles that made its world debut last week, while automotive companies continue to juggle developing next-generation vehicles with self-driving capabilities. Here's other automotive news you may have missed:

1. Ford invested $1 billion in start-up Argo AI to attract robotics talent for its autonomous vehicle project.

2. Subaru got its permit to test autonomous vehicles in California.

3. Last year the U.S. increased automotive exports to South Korea, and decreased imports due to more manufacturing shifts towards the U.S. market.

4. An Uber driver in India committed suicide after failing to earn enough to pay monthly car loan.

5. Customs and Border Patrol agents force U.S.-born NASA employee to share PIN to unlock government-issued phone after vacation in Patagonia. 

6. Auto CEOs ask Trump to re-examine EPA rules that increase Corporate Average Fuel Economy requirements to 50 miles per gallon by 2025. 

7. Season 5 Formula E cars could look like this:

8. Idaho wants to legalize speeding on some roads to pass a vehicle and make it illegal for police to profile motorcyclists:

9. 20 vehicles made their world debut at the Chicago Auto Show, including Dodge Durango SRT, Ford Expedition, Subaru Legacy, and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.

10. A teenager pulled a six year-old girl from a burning vehicle that was torched during riots in Paris.