Mortar Round Falls Out of Towed Car in New Jersey

Bomb squad officers were able to remove the mortar without putting bystanders at risk.

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Feb 2, 2017 11:12 AM
Mortar Round Falls Out of Towed Car in New Jersey

Police were dispatched to an auto shop in Newark, New Jersey after shop workers noticed a mortar fall out of a car that was recently towed in, local news station WNBC reports. 

The car had reportedly changed owners recently and was being unloaded when the mortar dropped out of the car, according to the authorities. 

After clearing the area, polices officers with the Passaic County Sheriff's bomb squad were reportedly able to neutralize and collect the explosive without putting any bystanders at risk. 

The police investigation has not yet been concluded, according to authorities. 

We've seen some weird things in used cars, but a mortar?

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