Tractor-Trailer Crash Dumps 38,000 Pounds of Marbles Onto Indiana Highway

“A truck driver has lost his marbles,” one witty police sergeant quipped.

byMax Goldberg| UPDATED Jan 24, 2017 8:05 PM
Tractor-Trailer Crash Dumps 38,000 Pounds of Marbles Onto Indiana Highway

No one likes to hear that an accident occurred on the highway. Often times they result in tragedy, or at the very least, a large financial burden for all those involved. But on those rare occasions where nobody gets hurt and the damage, they can be absolutely hilarious.

On January 22nd, Indiana State Police notified the press that a tractor-trailer had been involved in an accident in which the truck's trailer detached from the cab, causing the trailer to spill its contents. What were those contents, you ask? Oh, just 38,000 pounds of marbles. And before we get rolling (get it?) into an endless series of really bad jokes, it's worth noting that no one was injured during this incident.

Some items are obviously easier to clean off the roadway than others, but marbles definitely does not fit into any sort of category. It took road crews the rest of the day to clean up the Home Alone-style mess thrown across the median. Due to the generic clear nature of the cargo, we can only assume that a lot of corporate fish tanks are going to be void of their marble floors. 

Members of the media weren't the only ones to have fun with this truck crash, however. Indiana State Police sergeant John Perrine tweeted: "#Breaking A truck driver has lost his marbles...Literally, 38,000 pounds of them on I-465 SB at the 41mm."

Before concluding his report, an Indiana State Police Sergeant said, “We’re looking for a giant shop vac, got one?” Nailed it.