EPA Accuses FCA of Emissions Cheating, and Power Figures From Audi’s RS Line: The Evening Rush

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For those select few of you who think the Dodge Hellcat doesn’t have enough power, Dodge may have another trick up their sleeve with the Dodge Demon. According to very vague reports, Dodge is constructing a Challenger even more Hellish than the Hellcat, and a press release today debuted the new Demon logo.

Several weeks back we mentioned Audi would be expanding their RS line in the US. Well, more reports have emerged in regards to the power numbers associated with the RS 4 and RS 5 destined for the states. Both models will use a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6 making 450-hp and 442lb-ft of torque. Expect to see the RS 5 start production first in June 2017.

The EPA is laying down the law again—this time with FCA. The EPA has released a statement indicating FCA has emissions cheating software controlling their 3.0-liter diesel engines. This affects 104,000 Ram 1500s and Jeep Grand Cherokees.


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