Chevy Builds the Ultimate Surf Truck and Volkswagen Leaves WRC: The Evening Rush

Plus, discounted dumbbells from Rogue Fitness.

byMax Goldberg|
Chevy Builds the Ultimate Surf Truck and Volkswagen Leaves WRC: The Evening Rush

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Chevy is getting gnarly with their latest concept of the Colorado. Catering towards the surfer, this Hurley edition surf truck comes equipped with a custom suspension, snorkel, matte paint job, canvas bed rack and everything else an active surfer would want. In addition, some actual GM accessories are sprinkled throughout the build like floodlights and tubular side steps. Although this truck may not make it production, it is definitely a great source of inspiration for surfers all around the US.

Have you ever dreamt of 1971 Dodge Challenger with Scat Pack guts? I feel like that may be too specific of a question but I am sure all of you have dreamt of some sort of restomod. Fortunately, FCA has done just that and coupled a 1971 Challenger body with an SRT 392 V8 powerplant and a 6-speed manual transmission. Keep your eyes out for this puppy at SEMA.

In sadder news, Volkswagen is officially leaving the World Rally Championship and so are its 200 employees. According to reports, Volkswagen will be ending involvement in the WRC at the end of the season and will be directing the 200 current employees assigned to WRC elsewhere. Although Volkswagen has had an extremely successful past few years in the WRC, its talents were no match for the financial burden of dieselgate.


Have you ever thought of combining a steamer and a toaster? Probably not, but it is a damn good idea and I tip my cap to the geniuses at Balmuda. Their new toaster takes your average loaf of bread and turns it into a moist (hate that word) and fresh piece of toasted heaven. 


Sometimes a solid stainless steel field pen is exactly what you need. Capable of withstanding extreme conditions, stainless steel pens allow users to document their most adventurous experiences as they happen. Machine Era has come out with a zero gravity stainless steel pen that does just that while looking great.


Wool is a great way to stay warm during the colder months and one of the many reasons I love the winter. Ball and Buck has always done a fantastic job of making warm and durable clothing and they certainly didn’t skimp out on the Mariner’s Overshirt 2.0. Made of thick wool and heavy duty stitching, this comfy overshirt is perfect for your nightly fireside chat.

Going to the gym can be expensive and you are often watched by a gaggle of people that start every sentence with “bro” and end every conversation with “champ.” Rather than subjecting yourself to countless bizarre interactions, pick up a set of your own dumbbells at Rogue Fitness.

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