The Chrysler Portal Concept Is FCA’s Electric, Semi-Autonomous Minivan for Millennials

Fiat-Chrysler doesn’t call it a minivan…but we all know what it is.

byAaron Brown| UPDATED Jan 5, 2017 8:54 PM
The Chrysler Portal  Concept Is FCA’s Electric, Semi-Autonomous Minivan for Millennials

Fiat Chrysler will be showing off a new minivan concept car called the Chrysler Portal at CES in Las Vegas Tuesday. Unlike anything we've seen from the automotive manufacturer before, this new car was designed to be full-electric and (eventually) self-driving, hinting at the direction Fiat-Chrysler plans on moving with its brands across the board.

According to The Verge, FCA describes the Portal as "next generation family transportation designed by millennials for millennials." (That sounds incredibly cringeworthy to this millennial, but we'll go with it for now.)  Also, although it takes the shape of a minivan and is very similar in dimensions to the Chrysler Pacifica, FCA isn't actually officially calling it a minivan.

FCA claims the Portal will be capable of driving more than 250 miles on a single charge. Also, with a 350-kilowatt DC fast charge, the Portal can be re-juiced in just 20 minutes with enough range to drive 150 miles. As for the other tech gizmos, the Portal features Level 3 self-driving functions with potential for upgrades to Level 4 and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications technology. And there are also a bunch of silly millennial things like integrated interior selfie cameras and Zoned Audio—a feature that allows the car's occupants to listen to different music at the same time, all while not wanting to kill each other in a fiery wreck.

So, yeah. It's a neat minivan from the future. Will it ever be built, however? Who knows. 

Either way, we'll be checking this concept out in the flesh today at CES (that means we'll be testing those interior selfie cameras—if FCA lets us). So stay tuned.