New York Bombing Suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami Reportedly a Tuned Honda Civic Enthusiast

“He always talked about fast Honda Civics, about how he loved them.”

Manhattan Bomber Arrest
Moshe Weiss/AP Images

When he wasn't behind the counter of his family's northern New Jersey fried chicken restaurant or allegedly building and planting explosives, New York City bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami reportedly spent his time modifying and discussing Honda Civics, according to a report.

Before being taken in by authorities on Monday following a shootout that injured two police officers, Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, spoke to his regular customers at First American Fried Chicken in Elizabeth, New Jersey about how he enjoyed modifying Honda Civics.

“He always talked about fast Honda Civics, about how he loved them,” First American Fried Chicken customer Ryan McCann told The New York Times. McCann remembers how, on his last visit to the fried chicken joint just two weeks ago, Rahami was going on and on about his love for fast automobiles.

“He was having a conversation about his cars,” McCann told the NYT. “How he likes to soup them up and race them.”

And Rahami may have done more than talk the talk when it came to custom Hondas. Before being taken into police custody, an alert was issued for a blue 2003 Honda Civic that Rahami was believed to have been driving; it is unclear whether the Civic was his personal car, but if so, it would go along with the reports that the alleged bomber was a Honda tuner.

The Drive is currently attempting to discover any social media accounts or car enthusiast forum accounts connected to the alleged bomber. As the NYT notes, however, even officials have had trouble finding social media pages linked back to Rahami.

We'll update this page if we find any further information about Rahami and his interest in cars.