Watch This Exploding Lada Throw Its Passengers Into a Truck

Incredibly, all three survived this insanely horrific accident.

bySean Evans|
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Fair warning: this Russian dashcam video is extremely graphic. Earlier this week, a Lada sprinting up a highway near Volosovo tried to overtake the vehicle filming and lost control, slamming into a Gazelle truck in the opposite lane. The Lada disintegrated upon impact, flinging three passengers into the air like lifeless rag dolls, two of whom were hit by the truck with the dashcam seconds later. Miraculously, the trio survived. The driver of the Lada, who was strapped in the car, died on the way to the hospital.

As the black Lada collides with the truck and shatters, the driver of the dashcam vehicle shouts, “That’s it! Fuck!” Before the footage ends, the second voice audible says “I’m going to call the ambulance. Where are we?” while the driver hops out to check out the front of his truck. The three passengers that were scattered across the road weren’t wearing their seatbelts and it seems impossible for anyone to go through that kind of trauma and survive.

The victims in the Lada were all very young, identified by as driver Leonid Mukhin, 20, Anastasia Gerasimova, 21, Dmitry Chapov, 26, and Anatoly Merkulov, 19. Various reports have the trio hospitalized with serious injuries ranging from fractures to brain trauma. The Gazelle truck driver was transported to the hospital, where his condition was listed as “satisfactory,” according to Here’s hoping for a full recovery for all involved.

While we’ve seen plenty of brutal crashes courtesy of a Russian dashcam, this one is exceptionally violent and hard to watch, so be forewarned.

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