Autopia 2099: The First-Ever EV Show Is Happening This Weekend

Old and new EVs, e-bikes, EV swaps, and even hybrids and hydrogen—Autopia 2099 is the all-inclusive EV “car” show.

byRob Stumpf|
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For just about as long as there have been cars, there have been car shows. This staple of automotive enthusiasm has been a key part of car culture. Whether you're a young kid or a grown adult, they're where a bunch of folks from different backgrounds get together to share their love for cars. This remains true today, even as the auto industry is drastically evolving.

Fewer cylinders under the hood, less displacement, less chrome on the bumpers, and a lot less noise from the tailpipe—if there is one at all—are all traits from modern vehicles. And that's exactly why an all-new car show for EVs, dubbed Autopia 2099, is looking to bridge the gap that currently exists between car enthusiasts and this new breed of mobility.


Autopia 2099 is holding its inaugural show in Los Angeles, California on Dec. 4, and all kinds of electric vehicles are welcome. Attendees can bring their modern EVs, modded out Teslas, swapped classics, home-built projects, or just about anything else in the realm of mobility. In fact, anything packing a hybrid, hydrogen, or battery-powered powertrain can register for the show. So bring your car, e-bike, or Power Wheels—bring something, just so as long as it actually has wheels.

Nissan signed on as a presenting sponsor, so expect to see a brand new Ariya at its first public outing, plus one of its Formula E cars. For bike lovers, Harley's LiveWire and Zero Motorcycles will have some products on display to gawk over. Autopia co-founder Bradley Brownell, who is also one of the co-founders of Radwood, says there will be some other cool stuff from Acura, Porsche, Rivian, Arcimoto, and a number of well-known EV personalities.

As far as cool rides, we know there will be a Tesla-swapped Jaguar Mark V, a battery-powered VW bus, and ReVolt's Little Giant (which holds the electric land speed record)—but it's also a chance to show off that new Ford Maverick hybrid that you're getting ready to slam into the ground.

via Autopia 2099

It might feel odd to see a car show lined with electrified mobility, but it's also kind of inspiring. Most importantly, it offers the potential of getting people who are even mildly curious about this new tech to be excited about it, and that's what's going to be crucial for EV adoption among auto enthusiasts.

The show will be held at Optimist Studios in Los Angeles. Tickets are available here, running $5 for spectators (kids under 12 are free) and $15 for show-goers who want to register their car for a chance at winning one of the sweet laser-cut trophies above.

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