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Porsche Might Be Working on a Three-Row Crossover to Slot Above the Cayenne

Dealers who've seen renderings of the car say it's "very un-Porsche-like," which sounds about right.

Porsche’s been making a ton of news with its future lineup. The Cayman is going electric after the current generation ends, the 911 is expected to be a hybrid by the time the decade closes out, and according to Automotive News, Porsche is planning at least one new model to slot above the Cayenne.

This model, previewed at a dealer event, is apparently a range-topping crossover-like vehicle featuring a plug-in hybrid drivetrain and three rows of seats. Currently, Porsche doesn’t offer any three-row models; not even in the Cayenne.

Automotive News reports this new vehicle is even larger than that. It sounds almost like a lifted wagon sort of thing; however, there’s no name associated with it in AN’s report, and whether it’ll even make it to production seems to be in question.

That’s because it’s claimed this car was built as a display mockup, perhaps as part of the automaker’s “Porsche Unseen” project. Porsche Unseen is, in a nutshell, when the company builds concept vehicles to evaluate them for potential production and sale. A Porsche spokesperson speaking to Automotive News indicated that while they won’t speculate on future products, “the automaker has become ‘very open in sharing ideas under [Porsche Unseen] — the majority of which don’t make it beyond the ideas stage.'”

The storied German car company shared some of these prototypes about a year ago when a book was published on the topic. This one, if it is indeed part of this Porsche Unseen initiative, was apparently left out. Regardless of that, AN claims it could see production in the second half of this decade.

Speaking to dealers who were present at the event where the vehicle was previewed, AN was able to get some details on what it looked like. Those present described it as “rakish” and “very un-Porsche-like,” with a “flat rear design,” unlike the Macan or Cayenne. 

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