Jaguar Land Rover Goes to Court and Volvo Confirms the V90 Polestar: The Evening Rush

Plus, your own personal camera man and great beers from Spellbound Brewing

byMax Goldberg|
Jaguar Land Rover Goes to Court and Volvo Confirms the V90 Polestar: The Evening Rush

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A Chinese automaker called Jiangling is being sued by Jaguar Land Rover for copying the Range Rover Evoque design. According to the report, JLR is suing the company for copyright infringement. Although JLR will be trying hard to win their case, it is very rare for a foreign company to prevail in a copyright case in China.

Volvo has just confirmed the production of 90 Series Polestar editions. Instead of a honking V8, the 90 Series will crank out something in the area of 600 horsepower through a four-cylinder hybrid engine.


Norway is trying to ban the sale of gas-powered cars by 2025, instead getting serious about electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles only. It seems extreme, though 24% of registered vehicles in Norway are already electric.


The Samsung Gear IconX are a pair of compact and multi-function earbuds—they can store music, measure your heart-rate, and more—that would make the perfect companion for a big workout.

Have you ever wished you have a personal camera man? The SoloShot 3 is your own motion-tracking camera that tracks you up to 2,000 feet away for three hours at a clip.



Today’s beer pick takes us to Spellbound Brewing in Mt. Holly, New Jersey. Founded by three passionate homebrewers, this craft brewery proudly distributed dank beer across the New Jersey area. If you are in Jersey, we recommend you pick up their Spellbound IPA.

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