Did CARB Accidentally Reveal the Next Tesla Model S?

Blame carpool lane stickers.

byMax Prince| PUBLISHED May 4, 2016 3:15 AM
Did CARB Accidentally Reveal the Next Tesla Model S?

In short: Yes, the California Air Resource Board just revealed the next Tesla. Under state law, certain alternative fuel vehicles can use the carpool lane, an incentive to push EVs and hybrids. And when CARB updated its online list of eligible vehicles, keen eyes caught something interesting. Listed under the “Tesla” heading, alongside the familiar versions of its flagship sedan, there was a new trim: Model S 75D.

Currently, the only available batteries are 70, 85 and 90 kWh. There is no 75 kWh option mentioned on the electric automaker’s website, nor is one included in the configurator.

Within a few hours of the CARB update, a spokesperson from Tesla confirmed that, yes, it will introduce a 75 kWh battery model to the Model S lineup. Which makes sense. Tesla announced in February that the 85D is being discontinued; the newer, smarter 75 kWh pack, developed for the Model X SUV, will slot nicely into that spot. It might replace the entry-level 70D. It might not. What we do know is that the 75D will cost $3,000 more, come in all- or rear-wheel drive, and manage 259 miles of range, a 19-mile boost over the 70D.

Tesla plans to begin taking Model S 75D orders at the end of this week.