Mazda Teases Its First EV, Which Most Definitely Doesn’t Look Like a Sports Car

Due October 23, the coupe-like EV will allegedly get a "unique door concept." Whatever that means.

Mazda is getting into the electric vehicle (EV) game very soon, and a new teaser gives us a tantalizing glimpse at its upcoming electric car before its debut at next week’s Tokyo Motor Show

Seen traveling through this computer-generated tunnel of blue rectangles, Japan’s latest EV will unsurprisingly adopt the same Kodo 2.0 design language that characterizes the Mazda3 and CX-30, while “exploring new directions more in touch with futuristic values and changing lifestyles.”

Judging from the short teaser, it looks like the slope-roofed electric Mazda will be a four-door of some kind. Whatever it is, it ain’t gonna be a sports car. Sorry, RX fans. Mazda says the EV’s design will be “uncompromisingly simple” and feature a coupe-like cabin, “unique door concept,” and a “friendly expression” up front. A lot of cars these days have coupe-like cabins and friendly fascias but “unique door concept” definitely sounds interesting. Perhaps this will mark the return of RX-8-style suicide back doors. Or maybe Mazda has fitted its own interpretation of falcon doors à la Tesla Model X. 

Under the skin, previous reports have pegged the upcoming EV to be sold in the U.S. equipped with a gas-powered Wankel rotary range extender. The spinning-Dorito-based power source would charge the electric batteries and possibly even power the wheels directly, making for what Mazda calls an “XEV” powertrain.

In any case, all of the electric Mazda’s design and powertrain mysteries will (hopefully) be resolved when it makes it big reveal on Oct. 23. Check back with The Drive then for all the juicy details.