SUV Buried in Tons of Trash After Parking in the Wrong Spot in New York City

Yet another perk of owning a car in the Big Apple.

There’s having a bad day and then there’s this: After parking overnight in a trash-loading zone, a New York City driver came out to find his vehicle almost completely buried in dozens of bags of trash. The video, shared to Instagram on Thursday, has understandably gotten a ton of attention as a prime example of the folly of owning a car in a place like the Big Apple.

WARNING: The Instagram video below contains NSFW language.

Carbage is actually a popular topic on the internet—enough so that an entire sub-Reddit has been dedicated to photos of cars filled with garbage that people spy on the streets. They can be mildly trashed with a few empty soda cans, or completely filled with old newspapers, food wrappers, and other trash. This, obviously, is the inverse situation.

It’s unclear who covered what appears to be an Acura RDX with all that trash, but it’s clear they meant to prove a point about the danger of parking in an apartment complex’s trash loading zone. Instagram commenters speculate that the building super or residents are behind the potent statement.

Whatever the cause, the outcome is clear: This guy’s not going anywhere fast. So just how will the owner extract their trash car? One Instagram comment sums it up best: “Just give it up, the rats own your car now.”

h/t: NY Post