This $9,500 Lifted Pontiac Fiero Is Part Chevy Blazer, Part Faux-Ferrari

Virginia Beach Craigslist turned up this “Blaziero” that’s got a 350-cubic-inch V8 and Ferrari-like styling that’s both laughable and lovable.

byChris Chin|
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It seems like people will make anything out of a Pontiac Fiero these days, including but not limited to rebodying one to look like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, or even a Ford GT40. But how about a lifted Fiero 4x4? If you ever wanted to show your buddies up at the local off-road park, well, now you can with this one-of-a-kind Chevrolet K5 Blazer-based “Blaziero,” "Fierrari" edition.

Up on Craigslist for just $9,500 in the vicinity of Virginia Beach is this 1984 Pontiac Fiero, which not only dons the crest of Italy’s Prancing Horse but also a whole K5 Blazer chassis underneath it.

Obviously, it’s not a “real” Ferrari and it appears the “Fierarri’s” shell is all that’s left of the original car, depending on the starting point, as the engine is no longer mounted midship, but at the front. It also appears to be straight piped in the pictures, so this thing's going to make quite the raucous arrival wherever it goes.

Details are limited but the Blaziero comes with a typical “350 engine” and “400 tranny,” which we presume means that it comes with a Chevy 350-cubic-inch V8 of some sort and a GM-sourced “TH-400” automatic three-speed. The seller says that it “runs and drives great."

The K5 Blazer chassis is likely from a later second-generation model as that’s when the TH-400 transmission surfaced.

Still, we applaud the effort as it appears to be cleanly done and not a total hack job. And if we were to be really honest, it beats trying to play off a Fiero as real Italian exotic.