Motorcycle-Riding Genius Builds Indian Springfield Dark Horse With Traeger Grill Sidecar

If you want a taste of this meat, you'll have to head to Sturgis South, Dakota next week and ride an Indian motorcycle.

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Riders of Indian motorcycles attending the 2019 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will eat well while on the road thanks to this novel way to cook and eat on the go: a wood-burning sidecar grill.

Oregon-based custom motorcycle shop See See Motorcycles earned credit for the concept by combining an Indian Springfield Dark Horse—which turns gasoline into motion and noise—with a Traeger Ironwood 885 grill, which turns wood pellets into heat and smoke. The end result, of course, is delicious and smoky meat any place on the road with a shoulder and a scenic view.

Traeger Grills

This weekend, the bike’s builder Thor Drake has selected the Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota as his any place. With around 500,000 visitors expected over the next several days, mister Drake will have his hands full and his grill running at full tilt, though he reportedly won’t be responsible for feeding everyone who wants a bite of brisket. Auto Evolution reports Drake will exclusively serve riders of Indian motorcycles.

Thor Drake with his creation, Traeger Grills

Thor Drake’s mobile grill also happens to be the latest in a trend of cooking-capable vehicles that downsize the concept of a wood-burning food truck. Nissan did it with the decked-out Titan promo truck that it called the Smokin’ Titan, and across the Pacific, there’s the curious case of Lord Rod and the “RodoPot” roasted sweet potatoes. But by a country mile, this Indian is the smallest and most nomadic wood smoker on wheels we’ve seen.

It’d be tough to shrink the mobile kitchen any further, but car and bike people are a resourceful bunch, and we’d be delighted to hear that a tinier self-propelled piece of cookery exists.